Cubase 10.0.15 available

This is the latest maintenance update for all Cubase 10 versions. Certainly worth mentioning: the Color Tool has returned after an ever so brief hiatus. 10.0.15 also includes improvements for Chord Pads, MixConsole, Expression Maps and other areas within Cubase 10.

Download maintenance update and Version History

Alternatively, updates for Cubase 10 are also available via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Oh dear. Load project, and…
Screenshot 2019-02-06 13.35.44.png
Not the best start

And again…
Screenshot 2019-02-06 13.43.22.png

This problem also still exists with 10.0.15, a basic function!

When i import a audio file. (file -> import audio).
I can see the native OSX Finder but at the bottom on the screen (options) there is no autoplay or preview function visible. Only a grey screen. Is this a bug or is there a solution. On my windows 10 machine this works without any hassle. There you can see the file explorer and see the autoplay options. i know this is also possible with OSX. OSX 10.14.3 and Cubase Pro 10.0.15

Quick update, deleting Preferences seems to have fixed the problem.

Thank you for the speedy return of the colour tool!


Also thank you for keeping the download available on the website!

Hitpoint Detection? No!

Hmmmm, seems the overview is broken. This is a 7 minute track!
Screenshot 2019-02-06 14.56.22.png

I didn’t see it mentioned, anyone?
I just had a quick look and it looks the same, what’s up? I still have to use 9.5…

Can you also please bring back the tool box over 2 rows? Huge step backwards to go to a single row.

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Hi Matthias, can we get an official answer about the problems with hitpoint detection in v10?


Thanks for the update. Nice to mousewheel track colors again.

This one is cool for starters but annoying for power users:
“CAN-19528 Editing
Selecting tools (which have sub-tools) by key command
now leads to a small hint appearing on the screen for an
improved indication.”

Can we have an option to turn the messages off? Same for the VA message popping up on initial moving of segments after analysis.

For me the reason to stay with 9.5 at the moment…

Great update guys. It solved a bunch of smaller niggles I was having and a big one involving the output mapping in expression maps :smiley:

Works fine! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update. I tried it for 24 hours and all is working fine for my purposes. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

I hate to be that guy but is there a way to disable the new notification when you change the tool?

the yellow big one