Cubase 10.0.15 FX chains STILL NOT LOADING!!!

So many had this problem with version 9-9.5 but was SO hoping this would be something Ver 10 would address but it STILL persists!
This is a BASIC TOOL and makes daily production nearly impossible without it. Has anyone found a workaround that doesn’t involve stopping the entire days session or digging into .xml files? Does trashing prefs help at all? Is migrating from a previous version partly the issue?

Anyone with ANY help on this would be greatly appreciated!!

Mac OS sierra 10.12.6, 16 gigs ram, 1 TB SSD Main, 2 TB Ext.
Late 2012 Mac Mini i7


Sometimes it helps to edit the XML file.

Unfortunately it’s still an issue. Lets hope for the next Cubase update.

Hi Martin, thank you for the reply,
By chance, can you give the location of the .xml file on a Mac OS and the changes that need to be made to correct this.


I described the problem and solution here.