Cubase 10.0.20 maintenance update

I beg your pardon, your right its v6.11.6.1248 not 1249, probably because its late… Is it really a problem?

Well that’s constructive. How about buying another DAW where HiDPI scaling really works which is exactly what I have done. Imagine an official statement like “All those who require HiDPI scaling at 125%, 150% and 175% go and buy another Monitor” :confused:

No… it’s not a problem per se. But, it should be a simple programming matter to ensure it always installs the latest one available on the website. These “little” things matter to me.

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Today i installed Cubase 10.0.20 maintenance update.
After opening it, immediately all kinds of E-licenser errors and eventually i had to shut down Cubase cause the errors made Cubase hang.
De-installed E-licenser software (with the de-installer that comes with it).
Downloaded newest E-licenser version from Steinberg site and installed that.
I then executed the maintenance option in E-licenser software.
Just for the sake, i logged my macbook out and then in.
I openend Cubase 10.0.20 again.
This time: no more E-licenser errors and Cubase started up succesfully.

Only thing I’ve noticed since installing this on my system is that Cubase now always asks whether I want to save or not on exit, even after saving the project just before. That’s a bit annoying, but rattles confidence as to why it’s happening.

I tried again to adapt to this new interface. Nothing to do. What sadness … We had a nice interface with 9.5., Not perfect, a little rough (big lines began, after the names of bold and big faders), but correct. Now it’s the ugliest interface in the market. Such a waste ! When we think that Dorico’s interface is so professional … Goodbye Steinberg. You had a chance to match Pro Tools first. Chance spoiled by the designers.

I was really hoping to have our toolbox back over 2 lines. Will this ever happen? Or is this a permanent change that NO ONE asked for?

Thanks for the heads up! Non-FB person here.

Plus 1

That has been intermittently happening to me for years now. Cubase sometimes thinks changes have occurred since saving & other times knows no changes have occurred. No pattern about when it does this that I can tell.

Likewise. +1

I do not trust the Zuck (who’s SF house is on my street a block uphill - the important distinction “uphill” means a lot in these parts).

Everyone will have their our point of view. Me? I like it and have customised my screens to help my workflow. (I use 3 monitors) I am not sure that I would characterise it as ugly.

The update has worked perfectly for me with many welcome changes and repairs.

+1 what raino said. Same for me. Weird.

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So, still no fix for the sample rate conversion artifacts that Steinberg claims was fixed in 10.0.0?

What’s the problem you have?

I found that the culprit in my case is Padshop. Whenever I use Padshop, Cubase 10 now always asks whether I want to save or not on exit, even after saving the project just before.

A bunch of different plug-ins also no longer render correctly within Cubase. Get half a UI then a blank white space.

Flawless update. Thank you.

Reinstall the Download Manager, if that doesn’t work, try this Microsoft utility:

Does the Pre and post roll works good on this version?