Cubase 10.0.20 maintenance update

Today i installed Cubase 10.0.20 maintenance update.
After opening it, immediately all kinds of E-licenser errors and eventually i had to shut down Cubase cause the errors made Cubase hang.
De-installed E-licenser software (with the de-installer that comes with it).
Downloaded newest E-licenser version from Steinberg site and installed that.
I then executed the maintenance option in E-licenser software.
Just for the sake, i logged my macbook out and then in.
I openend Cubase 10.0.20 again.
This time: no more E-licenser errors and Cubase started up succesfully.

Only thing I’ve noticed since installing this on my system is that Cubase now always asks whether I want to save or not on exit, even after saving the project just before. That’s a bit annoying, but rattles confidence as to why it’s happening.

I tried again to adapt to this new interface. Nothing to do. What sadness … We had a nice interface with 9.5., Not perfect, a little rough (big lines began, after the names of bold and big faders), but correct. Now it’s the ugliest interface in the market. Such a waste ! When we think that Dorico’s interface is so professional … Goodbye Steinberg. You had a chance to match Pro Tools first. Chance spoiled by the designers.

I was really hoping to have our toolbox back over 2 lines. Will this ever happen? Or is this a permanent change that NO ONE asked for?

Thanks for the heads up! Non-FB person here.

Plus 1

That has been intermittently happening to me for years now. Cubase sometimes thinks changes have occurred since saving & other times knows no changes have occurred. No pattern about when it does this that I can tell.

Likewise. +1

I do not trust the Zuck (who’s SF house is on my street a block uphill - the important distinction “uphill” means a lot in these parts).

Everyone will have their our point of view. Me? I like it and have customised my screens to help my workflow. (I use 3 monitors) I am not sure that I would characterise it as ugly.

The update has worked perfectly for me with many welcome changes and repairs.

+1 what raino said. Same for me. Weird.

Regards. :sunglasses:

So, still no fix for the sample rate conversion artifacts that Steinberg claims was fixed in 10.0.0?

What’s the problem you have?

I found that the culprit in my case is Padshop. Whenever I use Padshop, Cubase 10 now always asks whether I want to save or not on exit, even after saving the project just before.

A bunch of different plug-ins also no longer render correctly within Cubase. Get half a UI then a blank white space.

Flawless update. Thank you.

Reinstall the Download Manager, if that doesn’t work, try this Microsoft utility:

Does the Pre and post roll works good on this version?

There are a few welcome fixes and there are also many longstanding issues that I feel might never get fixed at this point. I’m thankful for the fixes and also highly frustrated by the large amount of longtime continuing issues. Highly frustrated longtime user here, and clearly venting on here does nothing, but I keep doing it. :smiley:

Just a short thank you for a fine update of an extraordinary daw.


Still no fix for long track names in the mixer wrapping to 2 lines on Windows 10 :cry:
Well… I guess I’ll start looking forward to the next update and hope this problem gets fixed.