Cubase 10.0.20 maintenance update

There are a few welcome fixes and there are also many longstanding issues that I feel might never get fixed at this point. I’m thankful for the fixes and also highly frustrated by the large amount of longtime continuing issues. Highly frustrated longtime user here, and clearly venting on here does nothing, but I keep doing it. :smiley:

Just a short thank you for a fine update of an extraordinary daw.


Still no fix for long track names in the mixer wrapping to 2 lines on Windows 10 :cry:
Well… I guess I’ll start looking forward to the next update and hope this problem gets fixed.


and resize option for Transport Bar too, please.

We’re practically neighbors then. I live just off Alamo Square.

Works like a charm :slight_smile:
I recently opened project in Cubase 9.5 due to some incompatible plugin issues with 10 (grrrr) but…
I can never go back as CS 10 feels so much smoother and crisper. Good job Steinberg! :slight_smile:

I won’t be using Cubase 10 until the resizable Toolbox is back (less mouse movement).
Btw I suppose you mean 2 Tool lines with each 6 Tools plus under that the Color Tool.

None. It looks like it fixed, but I cant find it in release notes.

Me too!

“Move to origin” is back in the right-click menu, where it belongs!

One down, 37 more to go haha!

Why for the love of god did you @ steinberg NOT fixed the one thing I (and probably a few more) was hoping to be resolved in this update? Hdpi-setting is STILL useless unless you have the vision of a hawk. I’m most certain 95% of all user have the ~125-150% screen resolution, and cubase still only take 100% or 200%, which fuck up vst’s and whatnot. I’ve waited for this update to fix this as I’ve spent a few hard earned dollars on this program. But no. Gimme ONE good reason not to swich to studio one, or live, to enjoy the fresh looks of the 21’st century?

What the hell is wrong with you?

New fade editor was a surprise… Not sure i like it!

Warp Marker colour in Sample Editor Free Warp seems back-to-front… used to be nice and visible bright orange line when working with warp markers. Now, when I switch on Free Warp they switch to a dull grey which is barely discernible from the bar and beat division markers. Keeps catching me out when I think I’ve anchored a phrase only to find it was the bar marker.

Anyone know if it’s possible to restore the old orange marker colour? Can’t find anything under Preferences.

Depends on what screen size you’re using - my primary display is 49" 4k, and HiDPI @ 100% is perfect for it.

Depends on what screen size you’re using - my primary display is 49" 4k, and HiDPI @ 100% is perfect for it.

Yes. Thats great! But for us who dont have either room nor money for a 49" 4k screen it is not so great. And as almost every piece of DAW out there manage to make their stuff look like not crap, it beats me why steinberg haven’t fix this!? A few facelift’s and some reworked functions just aint enough. I really need this to look the part also

I do agree with you - HiDPI should be practical for everyone for sure - I just wanted to give a bit of balance to the argument by sharing my usage scenario, to show that it’s at least working for a certain percentage of users (and I’d guess that it’s probably higher than 5%).

Out of interest, what screen size/resolution are you working on? Just curious, because my secondary display is a 27" 1440, and 100% scaling with HiDPI is still totally fine on it.

I appreciate that if you’re running like a 15" 4k laptop display, then yeah that’s gonna be an issue, but surely then just turning off HiDPI and scaling up to 125-150 would be fine - on that kinda screen size is there really that much difference? (I haven’t had any experience with running C10 on Windows laptops, but the GUI quality on my MBP isn’t noticeably worse than Logic or Ableton).

What’s the difference between hi dpi turned on at 100% and hi dpi turned off?

No idea tbh - I’ve always had it on, and everything’s looked fine, so I’ve never compared!

sorry but after updated from 10.0.15 to 10.0.20 my dialog boxes are changed.
This affects all open / save dialog boxes in Cubase (e.g. Save As, Import into pool .etc)
See the image.
Can you help me please?

Best regards