Cubase 10.0.20 maintenance update

New Project Colors Setup is awesome! Thank you!

upd: looks like “Store Color Set as Default” doesn’t work upon load. You to click “Reset Color Set to Default” to make it work.

Anyone knows where’s Poject Colors Setup stored? To back up preferences when reinstalling Cubase.

Windows 10, and I sit about 1.2m away from the display.

Honestly not being funny, but do you wear glasses/contacts, and have you had an eye test recently? 70cm is very close to sit to a 49" display, and if the C10 GUI is only barely readable from that distance at 100%, then a vision test might be a good idea.

I’m very slightly long-sighted, but can still read the GUI without my glasses, it’s just not as sharp as when wearing them.

Yep, I’m having this issue too, except resetting to default has no effect.

I do use glasses (slightly short-sighted), but it is not related to the issue here. In general, I can see perfectly, and I have no problems with any other software, when Win 10 scaling is 125 % or 150 %. I can see the Cubase 10 graphics and texts very sharply and clearly with 100 % scaling too, but to my taste the objects and fonts become way too small to comfortably use for longer periods of time. After investigating this issue more, I believe 125 % scaling would be perfect for my use. I also re-checked the viewing distance, it is 70-100 cm, no different from using a two-display setup, such as 2x 24", the 49" is just taller at the same time. People pay attention to ergonomics in chairs / studio desks, as well as audio monitoring equipment. This issue about scaling / GUI size / visibility is currently in the hands of Steinberg. Switching to another (lower resolution) display is not an option, also because I chose this display for other software that I use and it works perfectly.

I mentioned in another thread that I based my Cubase 10 purchase decision on two things: 1) The Cubase 10 promo video that shows the software running on wide curved hi-res display with proper scaling (the overhead views, not closeups, possibly equaling to about 125 % scaling, however in OSX), and 2) Steinberg advertised Cubase 10 to include major graphics overhaul. I did not know that there were differences between the graphics in OSX and Win 10 versions of Cubase 10. In addition, I have been using other similar software for a long time that scale perfectly on this display, so the issue with Cubase struck me by a complete surprise. I did not try the demo, because the promo video was convincing enough, with proper good looking graphics / scaling:

I wish that the HiDPI scaling issue will be fixed by Cubase v10.10, enabling 125 % and 150 % scalings. Currently, the HiDPI mode is also buggy, even in 100 % mode, causing some VST plugin GUIs to get cut, mouse tracking in wrong place of the plugin GUI or become way too small to use.

This “ribbon concept” is for the birds. The prior version was pro-looking and worked great. A strong part of the Cubase kit. (Along with the right-menu workflow assassination program Cubase 10 went with – prior workflow was stronger).

Some items, which should never have gotten messed up in the first place, now seem, more or less, back to normal.

Great that there’s an update - not so great that I can’t even get the eLicencer to work properly on Mojave on my Mac - it doesn’t see my USB eLicencer, and I can’t even add the activation code for the trial of Cubase 10 Elements (or start my official version of Cubase 8 Elements).

I will add to the conversation on vision, and say that Steinbergs choice of light text on dark programs is a huge design blunder. I don’t have seeing problems and this hurts my eyes and makes my vision blurry. It is hard to read anything more than track titles. Dialogue Boxes, Groove Agents preset lists, etc, etc… Light text on dark background is horrible.

I am not seeing this issue on my iMac, have you tried moving the dongle to a different USB port?


Oh wow, FINALLY!!!

The new dialog boxes you’re seeing are the ones that have been standard for many many years on most apps on Windows. Cubase used to use legacy dialog boxes for open and save which have far less features (e.g. no easy access to libraries, no quick links / favourites .etc)

What you’re seeing is a great great change and one you should try to embrace and enjoy. The new dialog boxes match Windows Explorer now and are much more functional.

I’ve been hoping for this for a very long time!!! (those screenshots are from my system btw!)


Hi Fotis,
and thank you for the screenshot :slight_smile:
By the way I greatly preferred the previous display which was simpler and faster all you had to do was customize it. See this link:
Now every time I have to load a file inside cubase to browse my disks (I have 5) I lose a lot of time. How do you do it?


Just set up some favourites in the Quick access area. i’m pretty sure you can also choose to hide libraries too (this is the case by default on Windows 10).

So then, the left sidebar will have your favourites (in quick access) and your drives.

Hello! A week ago I bought a Yamaha MOXF6. I installed all the latest drivers according to the user manual, but I cannot record a song on 16 MIDI tracks in Cubase 10.0.20 and translate it into a wave file. Please share your thoughts on how you can record a song using 16 MIDI tracks in Cubase 10.0.20. (PC Win7 64 Ultimate SP1, Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q9550 2.83 GHz, RAM - 8GB, Steinberg UR22). I am grateful in advance for the help.

Hi Matthias, 10.2 is crashing on initialising. First on loading video and now on mixconsole. Any suggestions? Previous version was working fine for me. Win 10, asus prime z370a core i5 8600k

Same here.
Highly considering studio one or reaper

Thanks so much Matthias, working great so far!

For awhile, Cubase 10 opened normally - until version 10.0.20.
Now, when I try to start Cubase 10, after a few formalities, it just hangs at “Initializing” … and stays there. When I go to Task Manager, it says that Cubase 10 is “Not responding”.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find version 10.0.15 so that I have one that works. So until this gets fixed, I have no choice but to use 9.5.

Sent you a PM with link

cubase pro 10.0.20 hangs whilst trying to scan slate VMR. all the latest versions of the softwares are installed. does anyone have a solution? or a copy of 10.0.15 hanging around? can’t find that version online.

Check your iLok License Manager version and update it if not also current. I had a hang with PSP’s E27 on scan that support got back to me and indicated could be resolved by updating the License Manager, which did the trick.