Cubase 10.0.3 in Cubase 9.5 retired

Good news (for a change).

My initial reactions to Ver Pro 10 were, shall we say, less than enthusiastic. I was comfortable and happy with Pro 9.5. But I updated Pro 10, checked it and it wasn’t working for me. I installed the updates, but didn’t like it. Soon after updating to Ver 10.0.3 I checked again and Cubase crashed hard. Martin helped me get back up and running. Then it crashed again. I performed some system maintenance, weeded out some junk and reset Cubase again. That last re-set got things right. Huge sigh of relief. I used it again and it worked really well. Huge sigh of relief.

I’m in.

Cubase 10.0.3 is superior to Cubase 9.5. I’m not withdrawing comments regarding a few changes that were made – F2 Transport, right click menu, but, taken as a whole, the features offered in 10.0.3 are excellent and it is a better, improved product in comparison to 9.5. As of Today 9.5 is retired (there as a backup but we’re going Ver 10).

I realize many long-time users of Cubase have been though update problems in the past. I guess this is just how it is when dealing with a big, complex program that offers all the features of Cubase. But, to those who say, “they don’t listen.” You’re wrong. Steinberg does listen, they just can’t do everything we want for a host of reasons.

Lastly, I’m glad the surveys were taken. I hope the results are helpful. Thanks to the Steinberg team for conducting them and for the candor about this roll out. We’d all love to live in a perfect wold (intentional typo) and make all the right moves all the time. Best we can do is to try for continual improvement.

After 30 Years, this version of Cubase is, no doubt, the best version of Cubase ever released. It’s a tremendous value for the money and just fun to work with. Thanks for a great product Steinberg.

Carry on :slight_smile: