Cubase 10.0.30 crashes if NI Reaktor is forced out of Blacklist


I’ve been trying to get help from Native Instruments and so far I’ve not heard a peep out of them and it’s near to impossible to raise an actual ticket. so i though I would try here to see if any one would like or could offer any words of advice. they may have even come across the issue.

I’ve had some issues with Cubase 10.0.30 crashing with Reaktor 6.31 (From Komplete 12) on my Mac for a while however I was able to get around this temporary by moving the VST’s to another folder and scanning them. they would always black list but I was able to re-activate them with no issues. However Since I have updated my Mac OS to 10.14.6 for reasons i won’t go into right now cubase just won’t allow Reaktor to run. I have un-installed - re-installed and it black lists. whenever I try to re-activate it crashes.

I would not be that bothered apart from every album and EP project I have been working on in the last 12 months uses Reaktor in some way, shape or form… So I need to try and get the problem sorted…

As I said I have tried contacting people via NI forums but not heard anything back… and for some reason they will only accept support tickets for Hardware and sales… it’s a joke!

One thing I would like to ask is there anyone that could take a look at the crash dump and offer anything else or has anyone else been getting the same issue?


Unfortunately I’m afraid only NI could help here. The plug-in is blacklisted because there is an error detected while the plug-in scan. It might lead to the crash (as it does, once you reactivate), so Cubase blacklist it. NI has to fix the issue.

Here on the forum, some people recommend to remove the vstscanner components, so the plug-ins are not scanned. But you could really get into the trouble and Cubase instability.

The solution to the Reaktor 6 crash / hang (on Mac) is to create an “alt vst” folder inside your plugin folder and move the Reaktor 6 vst there and rescan in cubase and Komplete Kontrol. Be sure to not select use current versions of NI plugins in Komplete Kontrol.