Cubase 10.0.30 maintenance update available now

There’s a new update in town and its headliner is ARA support! 10.0.30 boasts ARA 2 compatibility for deep integration of all major ARA plug-ins available in Cubase. And if that weren’t already enough, this point-point update also includes over 40 fixes and small workflow enhancements for you to discover (or read the documentation).

Download and version history

Where is the sound? :unamused:

No problem here.

Yessssss! Will we be seeing a couple more updates before 10.5?

Make sure you update latest Melodyne.

Also, I’m curious, what is the context of Steinberg extensions? Was this coded to potentially allow other implementations of code different than ARA2?

I am on the latest Melodyne 4.2.2 … still no sound

Oh, you’re on a Mac…

No audio once Melodyne applied here either, latest version of everything.

I will cry now. noooooooo … WHY ? The changes apply after bounce. But I can’t hear what I am doing ???

Anyone tried to apply a fade out to a clip with Melodyne already active? I do not hear the fade out, do you?

Please check attached file for clarification:

I’m on macOS 10.13.6

(Tried the same on Studio One, and it works)

Windows 7.

Try restarting computer? try deleting preferences? try reinstalling melodyne? try starting new project empty, no template?

iLok updated?

Say something ?

For me now everything is working…

in 64bit processing there is no sound … in 32 works fine … Steinberg need to give us express update for this !!!

Sometimes when I switch from mixer view to project and then press play, there is no sound at all. No meters show anything, although it’s playing.

I have to stop, switch back to the mixer and back to the project and then press play again to get it to work.

I don’t know what set of steps are needed to recreate it, but it has happened on new projects where I’ve not used any 3rd party plugins. This is only in v10, never come across it before in previous versions.


I’m not a Melodyne user but downloaded the demo to try and it seems to work fine. No problems with sound.

Whats actually more important to me is the other fixes. Thanks Steinberg v10 getting super stable now.

Thank you Steinberg. :wink:
Installed and working without issue (I am not using ARA related stuff though).

Regards :sunglasses:

Confirmed that 64 bit processing causes the issue with no audio.

Thank you Steinberg,for the fixes etc,
Installed and working well here :slight_smile:

I must add, that I’m not using ARA or have Melodyne. But the issues raised regarding no sound and 64 bit processing needs to be addressed urgently.We have been waiting patiently for this release
Must be stable across the board,hope Steinberg will release a hot fit,once they pinpoint the issue (s)