Cubase 10.0.30 - Tube Delay crashes

Hi all - just recently upgraded Cubase 10 to v10.0.30, so I have ARA tech bolted on (as I also have Melodyne on a recent deal).

Found yesterday when trying to add a Tube Delay, Cubase crashes with the ‘exception’ error and crash dump. I’ve got a fair whack of Automapped plugins too, but tested a foew 3rd party and they seem fine. Oh and also have Softube’s tube Delay which worked fine - just this weird ‘other’ Tube Delay popped up (will double check the source to be sure)

Anyone else seen similar issues? Tried Tube Delay a few times on live audio track (insta-crash), on a VST instrument (again insta-crash)

Will be doing a re-install to make sure no weird buggy bits got in (only of the update, will track through to the buggy Tube Delay so a ‘fresh’ plugin copy gets installed)

On Win10 here too


Could you attach the *.dmp file located in Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder, please?