Cubase 10.0.30 - here we go

I hope somebody will make a video with ARA in action. Thank you. )))

ARA2 on first findings: Unusable. It doesn’t switch properly between two different events with ARA2 Melodyne applied.

Not happening on Mac High Sierra. 10.13.6 It works fine for the moment.
What computer/OS do you use?

You’ve posted this all over the forums, yet it’s not true - seems fine(?!).

Melodyne update resolved it, I already corrected the other threads

Very limited ARA implementation, even a simple fade-out on a clip with Melodyne active, and you can’t hear the fade …

Fade outs and Volume Handels are inclusive.

Did you try to apply a fade out to a clip with Melodyne active? Do you actually hear the fade out?

Check my attached file to clarify what I mean.

I tried the fade too and didn’t worked for me too… :frowning:

Just installed 10.0.30 and made some basic tests. Few immediate results :

  • The time for project loading has decreased considerably : for my usual project template, it went down from 1’40 to… 0’25 :open_mouth: . Couldn’t believe my eyes seeing the same Emulator X3 samples bank loaded in few seconds as it was, alone, taking at least 30 seconds before. This will need confirmation on the long run but it seems that something serious has been done, here.
  • It seems that the whole UI is much more responsive than it was in 10.0.20.
  • In a completely different area, the state indicators are back in the strip modules. Wasn’t used to them but I like these, already…
  • No stability issues, AFAICS. Doesn’t mean a lot considering the short time using the update, I admit…

Overall, a very nice update. Can’t talk about ARA2, as I never used Melodyne or similar stuff and do not intend to : I’m still wondering what is all the fuss about all this and why Melodyne is so much better than VariAudio…

Interesting, is template loading as quick after system reboot and then loading up same template?

:open_mouth: but isn’t X3 a 32-bit plugin, and if you have it bridged, might that be the area of improvement?

I know that on another thread we also discussed the possibility of the “older” USB-eLicenser hardware being a cause of slow startup, but Cubase updates also install the latest eLicenser Contol Center, so perhaps the improvement is related to a newer version of the eLCC driver? Just guessing.


Coincidences help sometimes : I had to go out for two hours and halted my system during this time (it’s something like 35°C outside with an evident storm risk, so…). I just started it again and loaded the same template. Exact time needed for its opening : 28 seconds. Fingers crossed, as the main issue I was having with C10 since I made the upgrade was the project launching time. :slight_smile:

Emulator X3 had both a 32 and 64 bits versions and I always have used the latter, so, no bridging involved here. The first time that I used C10, one month ago, it has blacklisted EMu X3 : I reactivated it immediatly and no more issue, since.

Concerning the slow startup, I don’t know : indeed, maybe the new version of eLCC installed with this update is helping, but I didn’t notice a significative improvement for the startup of C10 itself, this, with the same old eLCC key. At the opposite, it’s the improvement in projects opening time that is spectacular.

I was trying to think why I stopped using X3 years ago … didn’t it have a really nasty copy protection that crapped all over the harddisk (Macrovision or some evil)? That might also explain long startup times and the blacklisting.

Getting lots of drop-outs and glitches: (Glitch = audio drop out and/or clock synchronization lost).

During Playback/Mixing:
Solo track, unsolo – glitch.
Select Lanes in multi-pass audio track – glitch.
Listen Bus, activate, deactivate – glitch.
Switch track selection during playback (intermittent problem) – glitch.
Enable/Disable EQ bands or Pre filters – glitch.
Enable/Disable many plug-ins stock or 3rd Party – glitch.
Load Plug-in during playback – glitch.

Nearly any function enabled or disabled is causing a glitch in playback and/or the clock to lose its place. Not good.

I tried various audio settings to no avail. I don’t think this is a system malfunction on the DAW or hardware side. All system files and drivers are up to date.

I don’t expect any DAW to load a big sample-based instrument without needing a pause to allow samples to load, but this is worse than in previous Cubase Pro versions I’ve used (Pro 8 updated to Pro 10).

Other reactions:
No restoration of right-click menu; no restoration of the F2 Transport; no fix for the chord track/transpose bug; no side-chain button on the Rack.

In short, none of the the things I dislike about this version of Cubase have been addressed and now the program’s performance seems worse than before.

The old copy protection was indeed horrible, but has been used until X2, so it was indeed installed on my previous system based on a Q6700 processor. They got rid of it for X3, replacing it with a more classic one. So, I don’t have it on my present setup, thankfully…

This is my experience as well.

Much faster horizontal scrolling among other things such as moving notes in the Key Editor as well.

Well worth the upgrade from V9.