Cubase 10.0.40 Adding Automation Node Problem

Create an Audio Track and add one node of Volume Automation using the pencil tool.

Instead of one node been added, multiple nodes are created.

Pretty sure this was an old bug that was fixed in an earlier version.



The behaviour is the same since Cubase 10 (I have tested all Cubase 10 releases now), or maybe even longer. If I remember right, it has been implemented like this intentionally.

Are you sure? I am pretty sure this is different.

Was using 10 0 30 the same day, automating simple in and out ramps, did the update then went back to work and the behaviour was different.

Click once and 3 nodes are added around that node.

At a different studio, today so will test it again.

PS - love the drum map editor app, would love to demo.


If you click with the pencil tool out of the curve, 2 new notes are created (3 if you click in-between other 2 already existing nodes). If you use use the Object Selection tool and click directly to the automation line (the pencil tool appears by itself) and then move the node up/down/left/right, only one node has been created.