Cubase 10.0.40 - Hitpoints fixed?

Is the Hitpoint function working correctly again in Cubase 10.0.40?

Thanks in advance…

PS. I’m still on C9.5 on my main studio computer.
I have only installed C10 on a test computer for now, but haven’t had the time to check it out much…
But now I am between studios (after 21 years of running my studio, the studio building is about to get demolished - due to building appartements :frowning: ).
I will use this period to do some maintenance, on both hardware and software (starting with getting more into C10).


The Version History document doesn’t mention any fix in the Hitpoint detection area for Cubase 10.0.40.

But I believe there were few improvements for Hitpoints (and related Autoalign?) in verdion 10.0.30… :question: