Cubase 10.0.40 Maintenance Update

We have released the next maintenance update for the Pro, Artist and Elements versions of Cubase 10. As to be expected from a maintenance update like this, it fixes a few minor glitches in the application as well as providing enhancement to several features. For a detailed description, please refer to the version history documentation.

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The announcement is not so punctual.

Yes, I installed this on 8/22

Yep, sorry for that. I have been on vacation.

Sea… Sex & Sun… :sunglasses:

I’d like a month off!

Nice if you can get it!

Well deserved.

Thanks. Very stable so far. But please fix the Sampler Track file locations problem. It’s causes me a lot of headaches!

Ibiza or Cote D’azur?


South East of Cuba.

…Or as the locals call it, Cuba(se). :smiley:

I expect that the person monitoring the Groove Agent forum has been on holiday since version 5 then? :wink:

I can’t believe I’m just seeing this today. I’ve had some serious issues going on in my personal life, but I thought that I kept up with the current versions. I really can’t believe this has actually been available since August. Smh.

I think this forum has largely become irrelevant. Far bigger groups on Facebook, et al.

Does anyone knows if there is any known issue in this update with CC121 Steinberg controller?
I just purchased it today and while everything works as expected, the motorised fader doesn’t work both directions.
By that I mean that while a mixer track fader controls the motorised fader, the opposite doesn’t work.
The CC121 fader, doesn’t do anything to the selected track volume fader.
Everything else (pan, eq bla bla) works just fine.
I’m on mac OS X Sierra

What, for a year?? You still haven’t announced 9.5.50 and that’s been out for almost a year, and is very good.

Nor have you updated the Win10 compatibility chart in that time for CB9.5.50, even though it works better than ever on build 1903.

Do you just not care about 9.5 owners any more?

It has to be either that, or you know of some horrendous incompatibility you haven’t fixed?

Can you please get this stuff up to date.

Good point. I must have missed to post the announcement in the C9.5 forum as well. (Actually I have really been on a short trip at that time as well. My bad)

The compatibility overview in the help center is correct though. Cubase 9.5.50 hasn’t officially been declared as compatible with Windows 10 1903. There have been several tests, but it didn’t go through the full quality assurance process that is required for a full compatibility announcement.

Anyone experience the loss of some drum kits in Groove Agent 5se after updating?

not that but sometimes the drop down menus are missing