Cubase 10.0.40 process hangs


Cubase process hangs after exit.
Uninstalled/full installed Cubase, trashed preferences, renamed VST directory, refreshed drivers, updated Windows 7, updated eLicencer etc etc.
Same result.


Just re-updated Halion Sonic SE as Martin suggest in:

No changes and another dump:


kind regards

Finally I temporary solved this Issue by turning off General->Use Hub

kind regards

Thank! I will try to disable the hub now

Unbelievable Soft_machine. Your suggestion really solved it. Thanks.
I just unchecked the “Use Hub” checkbox and then:

  1. I Closed Cubase (cubase10.exe was still hanging)
  2. I opened Cubase again
  3. I closed Cubase again
  4. No more hanging process upon closing Cubase :sunglasses: