Cubase 10.0.5 crashes on "Show Plug-ins That Support 64-bit Processing"

This continues to be a bug from versions 9.5.x through 10.0.5.

First reported here:

  1. Have iZotope products installed.
  2. In VST Plug-in Manager, click the filter dropdown triangle and select “Show Plug-ins That Support 64-bit Processing.”
  3. Cubase will start scanning plugins for 64-bit processing compatibility.
  4. When scanning iZotope products, Cubase will report a “serious error” and crash.

Today, Cubase 10 was crashing on scanning iZotope Neutron 2.

I recognize that the usual response is “notify iZotope / the plugin developer.” However, Cubase should be stable and not crash during a plugin scanning process. This is a request that the developers introduce an error handling routine that prevents Cubase from crashing during this scan, regardless of issues with particular plugins.

I’m getting this issue now while I am trying to get C10 setup after install. I am also experiencing the issue with constant crashing when adding vst3 plugins (eg SSL native)