Cubase 10.0.5 Hub does not connect

When opening Cubase, the hub does not open and hangs.Elsewhere on these forums it said close the hub by going to General>Hub and rebooting twice. Where is this ‘General’ command ? Anyone else had problems with the hub ?
Also Cubase will not close cleanly and hangs meaning I have to do a ‘Force Quit’. An engineer told me it may be to do with plug-ins not closing properly. Any advice anyone ?


Preferences > General > Use Hub.

You can remove the Hub component.

Or you can investigate why it doesn’t work. Maybe a firewall or Antivirus blocks the proper communication with Steinberg server.

I don’t hint it’s related to plug-ins.

Martin, Hub is disconnected, firewall is off, no anti-virus ( it’s an iMac). Still hangs so must be a plugin issue?.


I’m not sure I can imagine how does it look like then.

Cubase is starting. The splash screen appears. Cubase is loading the components and, you can see it on the splash screen. All components are loaded and the splash screen disappears. Then the Hub should open, but it’s disabled, so just Cubase menu appears. And now? You cannot click to the menu? Or how do you know it hangs?

How could you disabled Hub, when Cubase is hanging?

Hub is disabled just after start- up which is when Cubase works fine. I understand, when it hangs there is nothing I can do. But I am trying to find the reason why it hangs. Could I send you a crash log after I perform a Force Quit ?


Is there crash log created, when you perform Force Quit? If yes, share it, please.