Cubase 10.0.50 / 10.5.0 strange additional latency on some midi events after render

Here is my video that explains everything:

To reproduce this:

  1. Just create an audio track and add to it some test sample, then multiplicate it for some length, let say at least for 32 bars (because this bug may not occur in too short test).
  2. Create a midi track and do similar thing - but this time our test sample will be triggered by midi notes. Cubase builtin sampler is enough for this. (tested also with Battery 4 - results are the same); then invert this track in phase (and maybe match levels) so these two track will cancel itself.
  3. Do audio render to check if there was no timing issues with triggering midi. We assume that audio timing was spot on (it works, tested).

You can use my project:

I’ve noticed that playing with an audio buffer size changes the places where this bug occurs, but it still stays consistent within certain buffer setting, just like shown in the video.

I just updated my Cubase to 10.5 and this behavior has not changed. The same added latencies in the same places.

Can anyone from Steinberg confirm my report? Will this be fixed in the upcoming updates?