Cubase 10.0.50 / 10.5 - Windows - Output question

Any help appreciated!

I am confused right now. In was certain that in the past it was never possible to assign outputs (device ports) multiple times to different busses, for instance if I had setup a stereo out bus with my sound card’s out 1&2 and then created an external fx bus and tried to assign out 1&2 as well, Cubase still directly tells me that these outs are already assigned…
Now, with Control Room it is different these days, though I still believe, it was not always like that.
My problem > everytime I open Cubase 10.0.50 or Cubase 10.5 (same machine) and do not even load a project and then open the Audio Connections (F4) I can see that there is a Stereo Out bus using my sound card’s out 1&2 and also Control Room is activated using the same outs!
In consequence the output signal gets quickly clipped inside the soundcard. I have a RME UC and the mixer indicates the overload already with the red clipping indicators and I also noticed it for the first time as it was audible.

Why is Cubase allowing to use device ports multiple times? Again, with other busses it does not work, only today with the combination of Control Room…
I have no Cubase 9.5 system handy at the moment, perhaps anyone could verify or explain what’s going on and why I may be mistaken with my assumption that this appears like a bug… :open_mouth:

Thanks a lot!

Well if using the control room, the main output should only be connected there.
Your Stereo out should not be connected to anything.
In older versions of Cubase it was easy to make this mistake, in newer versions it is usually harder.
But then there is projects and templates created using older versions of Cubase.
Best to check manually, if loading projects that didn’t use control room from the start.

Well, as said, it is for me more the opposite, since Cubase 10.
I am quite sure that in the past, whenever I enabled Control Room and I wanted to use the same outs as the Stereo Out (which was there by default when the program opens with no project) I was told I can’t do that.
Now I open Cubase without any project (not even an empty) and right from the start a Stereo Out bus is using my analog 1&2 and also does Control Room. If you then start with an empty project and add some audio / sound it will quickly overload your soundcard’s output!
That’s the weird thing I don’t get…