Cubase 10.0.50: 'No valid license found'

SOLVED Getting this message trying to launch 10.0.50… Got 8.5.30 and 9.5.50 up and running with no problems. Any ideas?
Regards, Knut

Well, did you enter your activation code for v10?
Launch eLicencer, you can add the code there, or you can on the Cubase website under your account.

Everything is fine in Control Center - Cubase 10 is listed under both My Licenses and USB Licenser!

BTW: Got both C8+9 up and running with no problems…And I did the ‘Run as administrator’ thing, which has helped me before.

Are you sure you are trying to launch 10.0.50 (which should work with a C10 license) and not 10.5 (which should not run under a C10 license)?

Sorry guyrls!I made a mish mash between 10.0.50 vs 10.5 - simple as that!

Hi people my windows 10 updated and now it tells me that my licence is to old anyone out there that can help me

I think you have to update the e license software even though it isnt really old. Thats what i gather from this forum. Still havent managed my download of 10.5 without missing files. goodluck.

If you are in Australia you should find the threads about download problems there.

Yeah reyt. So I upgraded from High Sierra to Catalina a month ago without thinking too much about it and then discovered 32-bit stuff was going to be a concern.
Long story short, I deleted the 2 volumes Catalina created and re-installed Mojave from scratch, downloaded Cubase 10.5, attempted to re-activate my license and bang; ‘No valid license found’.

So… is it true that 10.5 won’t run under my current license ?
I’m currently downloading 10.0.40 hoping that will work.
Anyway, it seems 10.5 has some serious bugs that need fixing to boot!

Yes, you have to pay more $'s. :frowning: