Cubase 10.0.60 crashes often on Apple Silicon M1 macOS 14.1.2

Crashes at least a many times per hour, usually when accessing the menus. This is frustrating, unusable and disappointing as I dished out money for this once upon a time.

The “About” window does not show up, but Download Assistant shows 10.0.60, right?

Cubase 10-2023-12-09-014026.ips (175.6 KB)

Also, Steinberg Download Assistant can’t establish an internet connection and starts with an error message: A connection to the download server could not be established. Check your internet connection and try again.

I’m not a Apple user, so no idea what happens to your installation, but you clearly need a new download assistant. See here

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Thanks, that was helpful with regard to installing a new Download Assistant.

Unfortunately it seems that your version of Cubase isn’t supported on Apple Silicon?

Thanks for the link. In fact it used to work better but the other day I installed plugins. I saw that your link says that the plugins themselves must be Apple Silicon compatible. Maybe this is the issue, I’ll try to remove the plugins and see if this improves the situation.

Do I need to access the menu to uninstall the plugins? It crashes every time I access the menu.

Update: I removed the plugins but it still crashes when accessing menus. :frowning: I’ve also tried reinstalling rosetta by “softwareupdate --install-rosetta” and disabling cubase preferences when launching cubase.