cubase 10.40 crash

updated, on loading groove agent this happens any help appreciated, yes i know i should have waited but you know.

cubase pro 10 levovo ideapad i7 8 gb ram
Cubase10_20190904_111159.dmp (853 KB)

No problems here. I added Groove Agent and Groove Agent SE each as both Track Instruments and Rack Instruments (four total instances) and had no problems. Have you tried any of the usual steps yet? Different projects, restart computer and Cubase, fresh project, safe start, reset preferences for Groove Agent and/or Cubase, etc.?
FWIW, there really is no reason to wait with these updates. Problems like what you are experiencing are probably not an issue with the update itself but just something on your system that needs to be reset or adjusted.

Another thought - check your eLicenser version is the latest and greatest; it looked liked it was being updated during the Cubase 10.0.40 update installer I’ve just run. However, the eLicenser website had a newer edition available…

Thanks all who replied,loaded groove agent sixth time, lo and behold tis working.Again thanks for all your help.


sent crash dump to steinberg,they replied in a couple days,with the help of two forum members, everything is full marks to steinberg.

lenovo ideapad i7 8g ram roland dou capture