Cubase 10.5.1 Problems

This update really sucks: After scanning plugins it crashes after closing. After that it doesn’t start again, after vst3 plugins it keep hanging all the time. reinstalled it twice but it’s really a problem with the update version. Never had this kind of issues before with updates.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure your plug-ins are up to date, please.

After plugin scan Cubase starts but it takes very long and keeps crashing closing it. Had fortunately still an 10.5.0 on another computer installed: Copied that one over 10.5.1 and everything stable again.


A crash dump file might help to investigate.

HI, I installed the 10.5.1 update, when launch cubase, just after when initializing VST2x…plug-in Manager \ Initializing appears", the program stays freeze for at least 3 minutes, then Steinberg HUB appears, I uninstalled the cubase 10.5.1 and so I was install again Cubase 10.5, and launch correctly, so I understand the 10.5.1 update has issues / bugs, I have been using Nuendo / Cubase for 18 years.
i know very well those software’s and it’s tricks . (Windows 10 1909, Yamaha Nuage) (update made on two different computers with the same results.)


Does it crash or not? If it doesn’t crash, use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate DMP file, please. It’s necessary any log/dump file to be able to investigate.

Hi Martin, Thanks for anwer me, currently I’m on one album mixing., when I done here, I’ll reinstall update 10.50.10 again and I’ll use the DMP file with Microsoft ProcDump.
How can I send you the DMP File? I asking because I’m new to the Forum, although I have been working with Steinberg DAW’s for several years.
Thanks …!


You can attach it here or you can upload it to Dropbox (or similar) and share the link here.

I would like to add to this thread in that I’ve also got weird plugin issues since updating to Cubase 10.5.10.

On first launch it scanned my entire VST2 plugins again (just like it always does when the clocks go back or forward), but even weirder it looks as though some of my plugins are now mis-ID’d. When I load one particular project it attempts to load a VST instrument (XLN Audio Addictive Drums 1) into an insert slot instead of Heptode Deep Crunch (both 32 bit plugins I know, but they’re being bridged with jBridger), then complains that it can’t be found. I uninstalled 10.5.10 then reinstalled 10.5 but now the issue remains. Interestingly, both plugins I had installed by Heptode (the other being Heavytone) were listed as ‘missing’ although still present in my list of installed plugins. Hope this helps someone.