Cubase 10.5.10 - not saving control room -windows 10

simple to reproduce

open 10.5.10
open control room
put a random plug in the monitor inserts
quit cubase
check out your control room inserts - the plug is now missing

(if you want to do combinations of load projects/saving etc be my guest - CR is a global setting and isn’t dependant on that)

this is because of this bug -

This is also going to effect other aspects such as audio connects - vst connect etc. All those things that do a “save on exit”

was working fine in 10.5.0 and is still working fine in 10.0.50

If Cubase hangs on exit it won’t save the Control Room state, so this is probably related to the issue you are referring to on that link.

yep I know - directly related

As I said in the other thread: not here.

I started an empty project, opened control room, put an EQ into a CR input, and saved the project.
After shutdown of project and Cubase, on new start and loading the project, the insert was still in CR as before.

thanks for taking the time to check

After installing the update, I’m now suffering from the same issue: Cubase seems not to be able to save its last state. So it’s not only Control Room settings that are not remembered, it’s also the list of last songs opened not updated anymore and, I’m afraid, some other areas such as audio connections. Before trashing my Preferences :angry: , I’ll give a try to copying the defaults.xml from Cubase 10.0.50 and see if that helps. I’ll report back.

yes - crash on exit can mean lots of things not updating

first - check your windows event log
2nd - just rename defaults.xml
be interested to see what happens

While control room settings are working fine here and are remembered, I can confirm weird “recent projects” behavior.

My last projects are updated in the list. But whenever I click on one of them in the recent list, the correct project folder opens, with no project found. A check by Windows 10 explorer shows the .cpr-files are there, but Cubase doesn’t show them (wrong file type filter in recent projects???). No problem with normal file opening of the same files.

If any of you does some preferences reset, please report if that cures such problems.

odd - that bit works for me (even with a broken default.xml)

that’s quite easy to find in the xml file - open with notepad or a web browser and search for the name of the project. Might tell you something ?

You can also rename your preference directory and let cubase recreate the entire thing (including scanning all your plugs) - see if that’s a quick ‘fix’ - or just rename default.xml to .old and see what happens. Easy to switch back

I have the same issue with the inserts in the Controlroom, but not every fresh start of Cubase. Only now and then that the inserts are gone.
Re-install them, save, new start and all is just fine. But a couple of starts later they’re gone.

And I have not had any crash on exit, so strange. Also yesterday I deleted my preferences for another reason, but this controllproblem I had before and also after I had done this.
Never had this issue before the last update or earlier versions of Cubase.

are you on windows ?
check your windows application log - you may well have crashes - just ones that you can’t see.

You can see I am on W10, but I check that log regularly if something is wrong, no sign of a cubase crash

fwiw I couldn’t see you were on win10, I have no idea if you signature reflects the system you are having issues with. just trying to help.

good luck getting it resolved

No probs and thanks for thinking along offcourse. I solved my Controlroom problem and it was a stupid overlook:
I only have 2 outputs activated in the Controlroom in aixing situation and this is one of my presets, but now and then Cubase started off with “default” in the controlroom which is also only 2 outputs, but then the inserts are missing, because they are only saved in my preset offcourse.
So I have to load that preset first of all.
Also when I switch to my second interface(which I do not have that long so getting used to the switching) that would have to be a preset with the inserts included otherwise they are gone also.

Deleting the Defaults.xml file and thus forcing Cubase to recreate it from scratch made the trick for me. Everything is working again as it should.

excellent - what was in your windows application log ?

My weird recent projects behavior (see above) is gone as well after deleting the “defaults.xml” file …

what is being lost with deleting the deafult.xml? all your Cubase settings?

Well, I thought it was going to be worst than it really was. I lost my Control Room settings and routing, recent songs list, Steinberg Hub settings, CC121 user assignments, and not much more that I’ve noticed yet. I was afraid of my custom external connections, but it seems they are in a different file, so they were fine. I didn’t delete the Defaults.xml, I simply renamed it to have a backup just in case something was wrong.

Your system is OC’ed, might be not stable, on a stable system, 10.5 does NOT crash on exit.