cubase 10.5.10 pro blacklisting and vst3 and rendering

it seems that it handles, or detects vst2 plugins differently. now it detects .dll and says “no plugin”, i.e. izotope stuff. great.
but it still blacklists all my arturia vst2 stuff (no prob, except spark 2.4… but reactivation works…), and some native instruments stuff, the latest ones. raum, maschine 2.9.2…

reactivation will do it.

i was working on a project that woudln’t render, only after killing the render process a few times… strange (it could be a plug…) now it works. but cancelling, it still freezes. but what the hell, it renders the first time. saves me a lot of trouble. and if breaks your workflow, so i went to another DAW…

no mention about vst3 spikes, which in my case disappear, when starting to play… on send tracks it was a big problem… didn’t try it yet.

the release notes does not mention the different handling of vst2, and nothing about vst3 (which is obviously related to the suspend function, which produced the reversed… me thinks…).

i put the acme opticom xla-3 as a send effect, in heave duty project (for my way of working and for my processor, although it is only using 27% or so, but average load is over 50%, i now they aren’t related… still strange… but there are more factors waying in.) and no average load that was almost 90% when loading. after playing, it dropped down. i have chosen the particular plugin, because this one was the first, when i noticed a lot of “average load”, in a new project, only for trying this plugin. i own it, but you have to know what you have bought…).

so some things has been changed, that aren’t in the release notes.

still the blacklisting is strange, it states by the way “unknown”. more info, but not that much.

UPDATE: it is the “audio mixdown” window, i call it the render window. it seems somewhat erratic. but the cause, could be human… after closing and restaring cubase, the audio mixdown, went somewhat faster, and the first time again.
it wouldn’t render the acme opticom xla-3, which did nothing by the way…

with this particular project i had some strange issues in the beginning; the basics where made in reaper 6.x, i exported the midi in one file (it can be done another way, but reaper i use for small sketches, i am no reaper expert…), which lead to, of course, that cubase made a HALION instance, with all midi files. i couldn’t delete HALION, i am not a noob, sometimes chaotic, so it could be human error. i loaded all the necessart VSTi’s (not the effects yet). and saved it.
i made a new project, and used track import. then i loaded the right presets, all the effects. it where by the way 2 reaper projects i made one in cubase.
me thinks that this could have caused the problems, but audio mixdown works. i will see, the project isn’t finished, if it stays that way.

of course a plugin could be problem, some plugins i never used before in cubase, for instance the REV plate from arturia…

has anyone experienced problems with track import, i used it more than one time, no problems. it could be the strange handling, the human handling, my handling.

for the record, i repeat; i am not a noob, nor an extreme expert (i still disvover things you can do in cubase… by using my other DAW’s… in a different way, but an inspiring way).

a long story, but i have waited long for this update.