Cubase 10.5.11 is out fellow Mac users

  1. Fair play to Steinberg, that’s a quick hot fix.

  2. Earl days, but my weird startup problem seems to have gone! I have Cubase Pro, but more or less every other time I opened the programme it would open as Cubase Artist. Had to close everything down and open it again. So far, so good!


Yes! Installing…

So far 10.5.11 is running very stable here (on my MacOs Sierra system :slight_smile: ) No more crashes when opening plugins - no ASIO spikes. On exit I get a beachball for about three seconds, but no crash - even on very large projects. Thanks you devs - great work!!!

its given me a problem - Cubase 10.5 isn’t launching anymore

Same here…

you need to delete/move preferences(hidden) folder from user/library/preferences/Cubase 10.5

Move/delete to desktop . then open Cubase. it will rescan all plugins … and it will work

No issues booting up here

That is what I thought. The hot fix isn’t forcing a plug-in rescan itself.

Which plug-ins did end up on the blacklist after the rescan? Could you please let us know?

I got a few crashes after install. Did a reboot and that seems to solved that. GPU load seems have been reduced. There is hope…

Yes ! Am pleased for my fellow Mac users. Felt like I was the only apple user with a super stable smooth as butter 10.5

After some more tests with 10.5.11 in MacOs Sierra I found out that NI Choral, NI Flair and NI Phasis produce the beachball of death and cubase freezes every time I load them. I wouldn’t be surprised if these VSTs would also cause crashes in Mojave or Catalina - maybe someone could confirm?
No issues with FabFilter, Soundtoys, Eventide Anthology, Newfangled, Waves, Valhalla, Klanghelm, Audio Damage and the other NI VSTs.

Choral didn’t work in 10.5 either but fine in 10. I’ve submitted a ticket with NI

Choral flair and phasis all working fine on Catalina / 10.5 here.

okay - so this issue seems to be related to the unsupported Sierra system and 10.5.11. Good to hear that they work on Catalina.

So only Choral doesn’t work in 10.5.11/Mojave or all of them? (They all work in my 10.0.4 on Sierra too.)

I have only choral installed. I’m not the only one having this issue - there’s a thread on NI.

Won’t boot at all now for me …OS X Mojave…do we seriously have to trash and reset all prefs for this to even boot? Very frustrating if so
Bill P