Cubase 10.5.11 update issue?

When installing the v10.5.11 update I got this error:
Update error.png
I did as instructed: downloaded the latest Steinberg Library Manager, installed it and reinstalled v10.5.11, ans still got the same error. The error occurs when the installer is installing stuff for Retrolouge. After clicking OK, the installer says that the installation has completed.

Does this matter? Am I missing something (that hasn’t been installed).

  1. Trash the Library Manager
  2. Trash the Library Manager Prefs
  3. Re Install the latest Library Manager
  4. Open up the Library Manager App
  5. Re Install 10.5.11

Worked for me

Brand new Catalina install. Installed Library Manager - Installing 10.5.11 - Same error.

Nope. Didn’t work for me. It appears that the issue happens after I agreed to let the installer install a “helper” tool. I don’t know if is the existing “privileged helper tool” or the one in the installer that “has wrong version”. The error comes when the installer is trying to install (update) the Retrologue Content. If I disable Retrologue & Padshop from installing, the error doesn’t show.

_Msalam_s post indicates that it’s the installer that is at fault.

This is really strange. I checked the installer package with Pacifist and the only thing that is in the Retrologue & Padshop part is, what appears to be, updated versions of the plug-ins. I then removed the plug-in from the vst3 folder and ran the whole installer again, with the same error. However, despite the error, the plugins were re-installed with the same versions:
Padshop. 3 December 2019 at 16:05
Retrologue 24 Oktober 2019 at 18:38
Can someone please confirm that these are the correct versions.

Why would the installer “update” the plugins with the original versions. What is it with Steinberg and installers?

The issue is still there with the 10.5.12 update!