Cubase 10.5.12: clicks and pops

After updating, I’m experienced about clicks and pops during playback. Can someone confirm?

No issues here… VST performance meter is identical for me as is overall CPU utilization. Sorry you are having issues.

I tried to quit Cubase and restart. Seems fine now, but I keep my ear on it. However, CPU performance is quite better for sure.

All good on my end.

Working perfectly here.

All good here.

Agreed; first few hours are very positive, both Mac and Windows, very excited about having a smooth running DAW with a predictable build up of cpu usage.


I’ll have a long recording session tomorrow, so … I’ll update you on this. I really hope to have good news and keep my fingers crossed, because I don’t really want to have issues in front of my client! :slight_smile:

Considering that the problem appeared in a new project, with a single mono audio track and without any plugin … I’m very worried.

Unfortunately Yes. The Asio Red LED doesn’t go off anymore, but instead i’m having Pops, Cracks and Audio drop outs. Even in small projects. I’ve already emailed this to Steinberg. Let’s see

Have you checked your ASIO buffers setting, just in case it’s got set to some crazy low value?

Yes, i have. it happens even with 1024 Sample Buffer.

Mac? PC? Specs?


2017 Macbook pro, Mojave 10.14.6 (18G103)

What audio interface are you using?


UAD Apollo Twin, UA Apollo and the Macbook Built-In Interface.
I don’t have this problem in 10.5.11, 10.5.10 or 10.0.4, so i guess it doesn’t have to do with anything other than Cubase itself?
Happens even in small Projects with minimal plugins.
According to @lordadb it even happens with nothing but a mono track.

Might try a clean install, although i did a clean install for 10.5.12…hm

All good here.

Good here too. I’ve been running 10.5.12 all day, and it seems stable. Crossing fingers, toes, etc etc.

That’s so frustrating. Do you by any chance use Jamstix 4 beta on your Mac? That’s been a rollercoaster ride for me over the last couple of months - keeping Activity Monitor open while troubleshooting showed that a process called WindowServer was going mad with cpu power when the Jamstix window was open, but that has suddenly calmed down since 10.5.12. Fingers crossed you get it sorted.


Early days, but things for me seem to have improved with regard to ASIO usage. No overload reds or pops so far. Strange how it is appears to be fine for some and not for others.