Cubase 10.5.12 Crashes - Need help

When selecting another track or when opening the mixer window, Cubase crashes. Running as administrator.
Please help, i need to finish some work a.s.a.p.
The forum does not allow attachments as big as a .dmp file so i have to put in a link to my Google drive:

Need help too!
Sorry for not posting this as a new post, for some reason I couldn’t. I’m pretty annoyed but steinberg right now, first I can’t get the device working (probably because I’m just new to this stuff) and when I register to the forum to ask for help, I can’t write posts. Great.
Anyway, how do I get started after downloading all the files? I have an UR22C audio interface and downloaded TOOLS and Basic FX Suite on my Windows 10. Now I’ve got a few problems:

  1. Can’t download Cubase AI. The download assistant shows “Failed” and tells to try again later.
  2. I’ve checked the settings from the control panel, it lists the interface as a sound device. Should I do something there? In the guide it’s said just to make sure after downloading the tools that the interface shows up in the control panel.
  3. Now where do I set up DAW settings?
  4. There should be also Guitar Amp Classics installed at the same time with Basic FX Suite, how do I use it - where do I find it?
  5. I just don’t know how do these work! Can’t find a clear guide. Do I need to get Cubase AI working in order to record? How can I record?
    Huge thanks for any help to get forwards with the interface/apps/forum/anything!


Why do you run Cubase as administrator, please? It’s recommended (necesary) to install it as administrator, but as far as I know, it’s not really good to run it as administrator.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

I was running it as administrator because that helped stop the crashes in 10.0.5 on loading older projects, so i guessed that could help in 10.5.12 as well. After many Cubase restarts it does not crash anymore, not even on very old (Cubase 5) projects.

However still, i really would like to know what crashed my Cubase. It always nearly causes a nervous breakdown when Cubase just quits on works in progress. Just lost a whole day trying to figure out the problem, and the artists i work with were not very pleased about it. Is there any clue in the crashdumps?


Here you can find the DMP files:
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Please, attach/share some of the files.

The forum does not allow attachments as big as a .dmp file so i have to put in a link to my Google drive:

By the way, i found out that when:

  • (successfully) opening a project file from a previous version of Cubase
  • then saving a backup
  • and opening the backup file
    Cubase no longer crashes all the time when you touch a track with a plugin on the insert other than a Steinberg plugin, or try to open the mixer window.
    May be helpful to other users.


1 crash is in Cubase.
1 crash is in Waves.
2 crashes is somewhere in the system (no audio application in the stack at all).