Cubase 10.5.12 freezing in long sessions

After long sessions (e.g. I leave my DAW open to have lunch and I come back later), I click play, play a few notes and when I click stop, Cubase freezes. It is so bad that not even a dumpfile is generated. It has happened to me 5 times already.
I have to reboot my laptop (Windows 10 64 bit) to get Cubase running again. I’m installing Cubase 10 and hoping I can be productive again.

EDIT: I’m running now Cubase 10.0.60 successfully.

And when I thought it couldn’t get worse, I downloaded the download assistant because I couldn’t get the full version from the download page and I get a very informative error…

Next error message: failed to launch JVM.

EDIT: Ok, a firewall was blocking it (but I had to figure it out by myself because the error message was not helpful at all). Now it’s working.
Annotation 2020-04-11 173938.png

Just updating the thread. Cubase 10.0.60 is also freezing but much less often. All I have to do is, play, record, play, record, enough times and all of the sudden the sound cuts and the entire DAW freezes forcing me to reboot the machine. Everything I do in between is changing between 2 presets via program changes (Kontakt instruments) and playing notes with a MIDI keyboard.

No crash dumps are generated. It just freezes. I’m running Windows 10, 64 bit.

For those with similar issues:

Once I disabled “Release Driver when Application is the Background”, disabled “Retrospective Record” and started shutting down my computer instead of “hibernating” it, Cubase 10.0.60 hasn’t frozen anymore. Fingers crossed.

On top of the other issues I have been experiencing since buying my brand new 10.5 pro license(the CPU spikes that interrupt workflow constantly), I have also started seeing a roughly once per day/per many hours of production crash.

Cubase has frozen hard 3 times now in 3 days, regardless what I am doing. Sometimes I am changing a patch. Sometimes I am loading a new instrument. Sometimes just sitting there. I find the process not responding and shut it down.

I love retrospective recording… and I have not “released driver when app in background”, but I am familiar with those options. I will check back with this thread after a few days to see if you really did solve the freezing issue by changing those options. Thanks.

Quick follow-up. It’s been a week without crashes, so at least 10.0.60 seems to be operational once you understand its limitations.

It’s true 10.5.12 has a high CPU consumption and crashes occasionally. You should be running on SSD if not yet (i run on SSD and it still crashes), but I found out that the ASIO driver you are using contributes to the crashes. I have Focusrite 6i6 and Cubase 10.5.12 really hates that driver. I also have Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver which I use with my Moxf8 and Cubase 10.5.12 really loves it when I switch to that driver. Cubase 9.5 doesn’t care which driver I use; it’s just as productive. I also found out that Cubase 10.5 is much more tolerant with CPU/RAM usage when am using Yamaha Steinberg USB driver and it rarely drops out. My Focusrite is so labored with 10.5 that am giving up on it. CONCLUSION: If you use Cubase 10.5.12, understand its sensitivities relative to your production gear (drivers, audio interface, storage, etc. The higher cpu, ram, and disk storage capacity you have, the better). Until Steinberg fixes the system resources guzzling propensity of 10.5, we are left to adapt and improvise.