Cubase 10.5.12 No Audio Input issue

I just installed Cubase Artist 10.5.12 hot fix and found that Cubase no longer sees the audio inputs from my Apogee Element 24 Interface. Rebooting my Mac doesn’t fix the problem. By comparison, I never uninstalled Cubase Elements when I upgraded to Artist. It is running Cubase Elements 10.5.10 and still handles the audio signals from my Apogee interface. No problem. (Yes the system settings are identical in both my Artist and Elements copies of Cubase.) Obviously, there is a problem in 10.5.12 that 10.5.10 does not have. (Same mic, same interface, same cable, same system settings.)

I am relatively new to Cubase. Cubase 10.5.12 is unusable to me. I do I revert back to running an earlier version of Cubase Artist on my Mac?

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome,

Do you mean, these buses are not visible in the Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs?

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Have you selected the correct driver in Cubase artist?

Both Artist and Elements are pointing to the up-to-date Apogee ASIO Driver I have no other driver option. Thanks for asking.

Additional Information:

The only difference between the two setups that I can see is that in the Inspector on Cubase Artist, the input selection field has the German ‘Links’ and ‘Rechts’ listed as options, whereas in Elements, the same Inspector options are listed in English as ‘Left’ and ‘Right’.


Double check your Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs, please.

The “Links-Rechts” comes from here.

Within the Artist Audio Connection -Inputs window, there is one Stereo bus, which is named “Stereo In 1”. It has two subentries - ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ assigned to Analog 1 Device port 1 and 2 respectively. These are routed to Audio Device ‘Element24’. My Elements version of Cubase has identical entries - and works fine.

Let me repeat what I said earlier. The only difference I see is that within the Artist Inspector, the two input ports use different names ‘Links’ and ‘Rechts’ rather than ‘Left’ and ‘Right’. This is not the case with my Elements version - which works flawlessly. Everything in the English Elements version appears in English. In my Artist version, everything appears in English with the exception of these Device port names which uses German in one place (the Inspector) and English in another (in the Audio Connection - Inputs Window).

(I’m a 70 year old retired Systems Engineer. Seeing signals with two different names is a red flag in my profession. However, it really depends on how your circuit/software is implemented. So, before anyone gets defensive, let me point out that within my perfectly fine version of Elements, the same two Ports are consistently named, no matter where they appear within the interface. In Artist, where I have a problem, they are not. Coincidence?)


Click to the Input field of the tracks and choose Stereo In here, please.

I did that again - just for you. Nothing. (Stereo One was my setting in the Track Input field. Still is.)

In desperation, I reloaded Cubase Artist 10.5.12. That got rid of the mixture of German and English port names, but it did not solve my problem of no audio being recognized by Cubase Artist. There is no such problem in Cubase Elements 10.5.5. I just created a new project, and had no problem recording audio from either Stereo input port (Left or Right). Elements 10.5.5 works just fine.

My Steinberg Download Assistant points to Artist Version 10.5.12. Reloading that version did not fix my problem. Let me repeat my initial Forum question: How do I reinstall an earlier version of Cubase Artist? I would like to install Cubase Artist 10.5.5 as I know that the corresponding Elements version works just fine for me. Thanks in advance.


You said there is Stereo In in the Audio Connections > Inputs. But in the Track, you have Stereo One. Could you select Stereo In in the track, please?

There is NO ‘Stereo One’ in any of my Cubase UI fields. Only ‘Stereo In’. This is true in both my Artist 10.5.12 version, and in my Elements 10.5.5 version. The signal names are identical. V 10.5.5 works. V 10.5.12 does not. My inputs are set to ‘Stereo In’ in both the Artist test case and the Elements test case.

If you do not know how I can roll Cubase Artist back to V10.5.5, please let me know so I can file an Incident report with Steinberg so that someone there can tell me how to accomplish it.

Thank you.


Sorry, here you wrote:

Have you already tried the Cubase Safe Start Mode, please? You didn’t reply as far as I can see.

The Safe Start Mode did not work. Still no Audio.

I would like to revert to Cubase Artist 10.5.5 because I know the Elements version works with my Apogee Element24 Interface.

I also do not believe that this is a Steinberg issue, but rather an Apogee Driver issue. I do not recall if I tested the Audio Input when I upgraded to Cubase Artist as I have been doing a lot(!) of Midi recording/editing. I recently purchased my first Apogee FX Plug-In (an Optical compressor) and was trying to test it out when I discovered my Audio problem. The Apogee VST Plug-In installation included an ASIO driver upgrade and a firmware change. That being said, I could still record audio on my Elements version of Cubase 10.5.5. To be safe, I dis-installed the new VST plug-in and completely removed it from my system. Still no Audio, so I reinstalled a fresh copy of Cubase 10.5.12 which is the only version I seem to have access to. That is where you came into the picture.

So, no matter what is going on on the Apollo interface side, Cubase Elements 10.5.5 works just fine with my interface. The reason I suspect a problem on Apogee’s side is that they preferentially support Apple’s Logic Pro and seem to be way behind in their support of all of the other industry leading DAW Manufacturer’s. If Steinberg made any change to it’s ASIO interface software since 10.5.5, it is very likely that Apollo doesn’t know about it . . . (or simply doesn’t care as they may have some much more serious issues facing them - but that is sheer speculation on my part).

So, that is why I’ve been asking how to get access to V10.5.5. It is extremely easy to record Audio in my Elements V10.5.5 version. Extremely! So, I don’t see why the same would not also be true of the Artist variant of the same thing.


Have you double-check the Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System settings? Is the Processing Precision and ASIO-Guard the same in Cubase Artist and Cubase Elements?

I’m slowly out of ideas, sorry.

The VST and ASIO settings in both systems are identical.

I have one question for you? Why did you never answer my initial, and often repeated, question: “How do I find a Cubase Artist V10.5.5 download so that I can try that version?” It is a simple, clear question.

Allow me to share some advice about Customer Support that I personally found useful. I was Texas Instruments’ Military Microprocessor Customer Support Manager for many years. Our microprocessors were used in the US Air Force Block I, Block II, and Block IIA GPS satellites built by Rockwell International. When any of my customers at Rockwell International asked a question, I answered it - as stated. If you have ever traveled on an airplane, or used portable GPS navigation system in car, or when hiking, you may note that my customer was able to make their GPS Satellites work - to great accuracy, anywhere around the world.

While in this role, I engaged with many other high tech companies and defense contractors who were developing and producing similar advanced, high reliability, high accuracy systems and products for use in hazardous and extreme environmental conditions. I always found it best practice to answer customer’s specific questions, rather than “guessing what they really wanted” and then charging off in an assumed direction.

I can record Audio all day and all night using Cubase Elements 10.5.5 as it is a trivial process. I’d just like to do so using my Cubase Artist software as I could really use some of its features. I have many, many, many, many reasons to believe that the “problem” in interfacing with more current versions of Cubase resides on the Apogee side. As you may be able to tell, I have been playing this hardware/software game for many years. Please tell me how to download Cubase Artist V10.5.5 . . . so I can make a complete fool of myself . . . or possibly not. :wink:

I hope you take this in the positive spirit in which I offered it. I may not be the typical Cubase user, so I can understand if I caught you a bit off-guard. Thank you for your efforts.



I don’t have the installer available. I don’t know, how to find it.

OK. Thank you for your help. I’ll file a support ticket. Best of luck!