Cubase 10.5.12 Window is hidden behind other open program on certain actions

Issue: When pressing Cancel, OK, Add track etc. after using a pull down menu in Cubase and having other programs open in the back, will cause Cubase to be hidden behind the other program.


  1. Start any Program (I use Wavelab Elements 9.5)
  2. Start Cubase in Safe Mode
  3. Create Empty
  4. Add Instrument Track
  5. Open and close the Instrument drop down
  6. Press Cancel

Result: The other program (Wavelab in my case) is shown.
Expected result: The Cubase window stays in front.

Additional info: It also happens when adding an audio track and using the Audio Inputs or Audio Outputs pull downs.


To me it sounds related to this, isn’t it?


This is the 2nd forum post about this issue, any solutions to this by chance? For me it happens upon adding any type of track. The only time it doesn’t happen is when there is no other application open in the background to pop up and take focus from Cubase. I’m on 10.5.12 and Win 10 Pro as well, this one is quite a nuisance…

Same issue on 11.0.1. This is a wild bug and makes using Cubase really frustrating. Getting back into Cubase after a long hiatus and this is a terrible first impression, and I’m sad to see these posts are just lingering here without any word from Steinberg.