Cubase 10.5.2 Freezes Whole Computer

I’m using Mac OS 10.13.6 - High Sierra
iMac Pro, 64 GB RAM, 3 Ghz
Using the latest Cubase, version 10.5.2

My sessions open up fine, but my computer entirely freezes about 5 minutes in, usually when I open up the midi editor. I can literally see my mouse begin to move in slow motion as it screeches to a halt. Within seconds, I’m forced to perform a hard shutdown because I can’t even get my mouse and keyboard to work. Anyone else having this issue?

I’ve read other posts that freezing occurs on video export, but not while simply using the program to edit midi as intended. I’ve also seen indications that Mac OS 10.13.6 is “not supported,” but that seems strange to me since I’ve been working on this OS successfully for over a year now.

Even if it is not supported it should not crash your computer. What sound card do you use? It sound a bit like it is overheating, is your fan/cooling working? Maybe it need some cleaning. Laptop usually do, im not sure how a imac collect dirt, but since it is running High Sierra it is a few year old.

That doesn´t mean it will not work. It just means it is not tested, and in case it doesn´t work, you will not get any official support.