Cubase 10.5.2 Pro annoyances on Win 10

Just upgraded a few months ago from 6.5 Pro.
Some annoyances after a Windows update happens:

*Wants to start up in Safe Mode, but if i just cancel out of the screen it still loads fine (mostly)
*After an update, some of the settings disappears. Like it’ll ask me what ASIO driver to use again.
*All of my history is gone.
*Certain VST plugin settings disappear. It’s hard to explain, but the custom preset of a guitar plugin I created is still there, but, the settings I made on the amp is gone and reverts to default.
*My customer Midi Drum editor settings are gone…Have to set it up all over again. This one just reset after the last windows update.

In looking at the issues above, it’s just losing settings more or less…any idea why they are resetting??


To me it looks like Cubase is crashing (silently) while quit. Therefore your custom settings is not stored (Cubase stores the settings while quit) and for the same reason you get the Safe Start Mode message when starting Cubase.

Do you see any *.dmp files in the CrashDump folder (Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps), please?

I checked the folder and yes, there are crash dumps…
This just happened again and the crash dump (attached) is correlated with the date.
Ironically, just had a major Win10 update as well…
Does the crash dump indicate why it’s crashing ‘silently’?
Cubase 64bit 2020.9.26 (492 KB)

Hi Aittala,

Cubase crashes a lot on exit, if it even exits at all. Half the time when I try to close the program it never closes, and I have to restart my system because just killing the process with Task Manager does not free up my audio driver.

Cubase also will often freeze after being left unattended for a long time, like overnight. I would be interested if you also get that experience.

It’s a wonder that anyone can get any work done with this damn Cubase.


The crash is in the yfwasync64 plug-in. There is no Cubase in the stack text at all.


Martin, is that a plugin, or a procedure or function call?


When I have a look on it once again, I don’t know, to be hones. I expected the “yfwasync64” is a plug-in-

I think that is the call stack, which refers to function calls. And the async is some synchronization routine apparently. A Google search for that name as a plugin produces no results.


Then I was wrong, sorry. Then it’s even more unclear, because there is no Cubase or plug-in at all mentioned in the stack text.

Yea, it’s strange. I looked at the dmp myself based on my limited experience. I saw what you posted, but it’s odd that Google basically has nothing on that module name.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Aaah, I did see this looking deeper, so maybe an audio driver issue…

0:027> lmvm yfwasync64
Browse full module list
start end module name
000000001e320000 000000001f330000 yfwasync64 T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: yfwasync64.dll
Image path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Yamaha\FWAsync\yfwasync64.dll
Image name: yfwasync64.dll
Browse all global symbols functions data
Timestamp: Thu Apr 16 01:09:12 2009 (49E6CB88)
CheckSum: 00045D30
ImageSize: 01010000
File version:
Product version:
File flags: 0 (Mask 17)
File OS: 4 Unknown Win32
File type: 2.0 Dll
File date: 00000000.00000000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Information from resource tables:

Almost a little funny since this is the Steinberg forum…
yfwasync64 is the driver for the Steinberg MR816csx audio interface…

Indeed. :slight_smile: