Cubase 10.5.2 starting with '' strange wavelab problem "

Hi guys , when i launch my cubase , there’s always a wavelab windows which always appears at every start .

My cubase works great , but i have to triple left click at every cubase start , ( yeah i’m lazy :laughing: ) but trust me it’s boring …

things to know :

  • i dont use wavelab , i never used it and i dont want it ( exept if cubase needs wavelab ?? ) but i do not remember i’ve installed it .

i searched for ''wavelab ‘’ on my computer and i cannot find any file with that name .

Hi and welcome,

Try to right-click to the eLCC application and start it as Administrator. Trigger Maintenance. Then start Cubase again. Does it help?

Hi Martin , thanks for your answer .
when i run elicenser as admin , it doesnt works correctly …[img]

( image attached in )
but in normal , everything is ok


Could you try to first quit Cubase (all Steinberg application) and then start eLCC as administrator, please? Does it work?

yes it works now ! but : due to language difference , i would prefer to ask you which button i’ll have to hit , ( image attached in )

do you know which button is ? thanks


Click the Entretien (Maintenance) button, please.

Hi Martin , i’ve just did the ‘’ entretien ‘’ , but at the cubase start , there’s still the wavelab problem :confused:

I’ve also fully scanned my computer with ''wavelab" , but i cannot find any file or folder with that name . i dont understand at all


Try following, please:

  • Studio > More Options > System Component Information
  • Go thru all tabs here. Is there any WaveLab mentioned in any of the component?

If yes, try to disable it in the window.

Hey Martin , it’s a no :frowning:


I’m just thinking if eLCC helper, which would generate a new Soft-eLicenser Number would help in this case.

If you have any Soft-eLicenses, you could reactivate them to the new Soft-eLicenser later.


GO TO : program files , steinberg , cubase 10.5 , vst3 , delete the file called : anymixpro.vst3