Cubase 10.5.20 and live monitoring help.

Hi, trying to help a friend who is running Cubase 10 pro 10.5.20. Just set his studio up,
in brief;
Analog mixing desk-into a pair of RMEs-into pc computer/sound card outputting to amp into studio speakers, all one way traffic.
Everything is running ok, we have sound when cubase is recording but he wants to hear the sound through the speakers before it’s recorded in cubase livet monitoring.
We have gone through the manual done everything but can’t set it up as cubase wants to return the signal back to RMEs.
I am sure it’s a simple proceedure splitting the signal in the control room but I can’t figure it out, I have enabled direct monitoring but must be something we are doing wrong.

Analogue mixing desk…
connect everything there and use the PC as tape recorder

and be careful the analogue board adds no latency :wink:

Yes but my friend is insisting he wants to run a one way traffic system rather than monitoring back to the RMEs. It’s just the live monitoring before we record in theCubase track so he can hear it before we record. Is this possible? thanks.

Set the monitor mode to “manual”, to hear the recorded track, and it will mute upon punching in, leaving only the analog desk’s sound.

this has nothing to do with the mixer, it’s possible with or without
and a tape machine works like that

as “registered” said