Cubase 10.5.20 Crashing with Groove Agent SE 5 (dump file link attached)

As per title - Cubase generally pretty stable until Groove Agent SE 5 is used when it intermittently freezes & I have to use Task Manager to force close it.

No dump files produced (nothing at Documents/Steinberg/…) - in fact no crash dump folder at all although for one freeze I managed to generate one of my own via Task Manager - here’s the Google Drive link to the file:

It happens sometimes when changing kit, sometimes playing a pattern & that pattern will just continue to loop over & over again until I force close Cubase & most recently I’d copied a pattern into the Project Window & attempted to dissolve the track into separate MIDI tracks & it’s the dissolve MIDI command that appeared to cause the freeze.

I did manage to take a look at Task Manager & found out the following by analysing the wait time:

"One or more threads of Cubase10.5.exe are waiting to finish network I/O.

Cubase10.5.exe (PID: 8876) Thread: 1144
Cubase10.5.exe (PID: 8876) Thread: 17216
— dwm.exe (PID: 1336) Thread: -"

I have no idea what all that means!

Yesterday I did a complete uninstall, deletion of residual Cubase/Steinberg files & reinstall - it’s frozen 5 or 6 times since!

Another odd thing is that sometimes after crashing, when I restart Cubase it won’t find my Audio Interface - it says “Cannot found the device. Please connect device” - I then have to reboot my PC to get Cubase to spot my audio interface again.

My set-up:

Cubase 10.5.20 with stock VSTs/plug-ins
Dell XPS 13" 9360 laptop - Intel I7, 16GB RAM, SSD hard disk (170GB of free memory)
34" Ultra-wide screen display connected to laptop via Thunderbolt
Only 3rd party VSTs/plug-ins is Arturia V-Collection
Roland FA-08 Workstation Synth - connected to PC via USB (this is also my audio interface as the synth acts as an audio interface)
Arturia KeyLab Mk2 MIDI controller connected to PC via USB

My PC is pretty quick & when it’s not freezing it handles everything OK.

I see others have had issues with Groove Agent SE5 - I make sure I don’t make rapid changes which apparently can cause it to hang.

I’m making an assumption that it’s Groove Agent SE 5, but not 100% sure, although all of the recent issues have happened when using it (i.e. editing etc.) or it is loaded onto a track.

If anyone can provide any advice it’d be really appreciated, thanks!


Please update your Groove Agent to the latest Groove Agent 5.0.30.

If it’s still crashing send a new dmp file, please.

Thanks Martin. How do I get the Groove Agent 5.0.30 installer for Cubase 10.5?

I see it in Cubase 11 download files (via Download Assistant) but not sure if it’s stable with Cubase 10.5. I posted on another thread about downloading all updates to the various stock VSTs - new versions have been made for Cubase 11 but not ‘officially’ available for Cubase 10.5.


Yes, you can install Groove Agent SE 5.0.30 from Cubase 11 page. You can also install HALion Sonic SE from Cubase 11 page to your Cubase 10.5.

Thanks for that, I’ll give it a go.

I’m surprised Steinberg don’t make it ‘official’ that the VST updates for v11 are compatible with v10.5 - it might solve a lot of issues!

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Just curious to know if this solution fixed your problem because I’m using Cubase Elements 10.5 with Groove Agent SE5 on Windows 10, and Groove Agent freezes regularly. Very frustrating, especially for someone like me who’s just learning how to use it.


Not all VSTs. Only Groove Agent SE and HALion Sonic SE.

Interesting - I’ve updated all 4 (GA, HAlion, Padshop & Retrologue) & they all seem fine.

It’s not happened since I updated which is promising!

However I also did a ‘deepclean’ of my PC & stopped a lot of pointless processes that were flagging up as issues in LatencyMon & have also turned off my Wifi each time I use Cubase. Plus I’ve changed my audio interface!

So lots of variables have changed - Cubase definitely does seem to run smoother though.


I see, sorry, my reading was probably a bit misleading. I was thinking of Mystic, Prologue and these old guys. There were not updated for Cubase 11 neither.

Btw, you can find all the updates in the VST Instruments & Plugins page of the Steinberg Download Assistant now.

  • HALion Sonic 3.4.10.
  • Groove Agent 5.0.30
  • Padshop 2.0.20
  • Retrologue 2.2.30

These are exactly the versions, which are part of Cubase 11. But also all of these are part of Cubase 10.5 license. So from my pint of view, these are official (and recommended) updates.

There was very important fix in Groove Agent 5.0.30. This bug caused many crashes in the past. I would strongly recommend to update.