Cubase 10.5.20 - Effect plugins blacked out

This has happened before but usually shutting off ‘constrain delay compensation’ has solved the issue in the past but not this time. Several waves plugins are blacked out as is Avox and several others. I wondered if some of the Geniuses here might be able to help out.

I uninstalled Cubase and reinstalled but the problem still manifests itself. I have looked at graphics drivers and soundcard drivers and all are up to date. So i am totally flummoxed.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t recall having experienced this before, but you may have better luck getting answers from others when you also specify your operating system and version and kind of computer and potentially even your graphics card

Yes. It is normal for the blackout when constrained delay is on. For effects such as comp for example. As for the waves and avex, Steinberg doesn’t support 32 bit anymore , so… The way to check this is to open the media bay. Access the VST Plugins tab and run a search on the media bay. It will sort out the rest and give you the disabled apps list on the bottom. It may be that some of your plugins are 32 bit.