Cubase 10.5.20 loses sound

Hi to all! For some recent days I have this issue: suddenly Cubase stops sounding. Meanwile meters of DAW shows activity and mixer of sound card (RME UCX) doesn’t show. RME driver is latest. All the settings of Cubase are common. Restarting resolves problem, but I would like to find out the reason. Thank in advance


How is the settings in the Audio Connections > Outputs and Control Room, please?

I just bought Cubase Pro 10.5.2 yesterday and am having the same problem. My audio interface is a Focusrite Scarlet (version 2), and I updated the driver yesterday, but still having the problem. I am a new user, but when I check the Audio Connections > Outputs it just lists my audio interface and it’s two outputs. It doesn’t appear that I am using the Control Room.
The sound usually shuts off while I am playing back a loop of what I’ve already recorded. Most of the time it takes several mins before the sound stops working, but this morning it stopped after only a few seconds.
I greatly appreciate anyone’s help, thanks.