Cubase 10.5.20 Maintenance Update

Yeah, sorry, I realsied, Fridays the day new versions gp on sale.

Windows 10 2004 relased today, think ill leave that where it is for the time being but hey, they can always blame MS for thinsg they broke trying to fix things that were!


This gif shows what was happening to me right after the update. I disabled delay compensation, and then tried starting a new project, and imported all the tracks, but the same problem occurred. Then I tried it again but imported everything apart from the video, then copied the video fresh from the original source into a new track, and the cursor problem went away - and amazingly, the line problem has gone away in the old project too, the one I copied the tracks from, and recorded this gif in, and hadn’t re-saved.

Now, the plug-in scaling problem is showing on all monitors that aren’t my main one. The windows aren’t filled correctly - press F8 to bring up the video window, and on the main monitor it looks fine, but is broken on the others.

I installed the update more or less as soon as it landed, it’s not doing that cursor thing here, that’s a right nuisance.

In general:
It’s been very stable for two days now. I did have two odd moments at install. First the cymbals in BFD weren’t sustaining properly. I switched VST3 suspend on and off again which seemed to clear it, well almost, but not perfectly. Also my MIDI input wouldn’t connect. I then did a cold boot and everything has been fine since.

I am having a problem where the cursor always go back to a measure of it´s choosing after stopping playback, no matter where I start playback, it always go back to that measure. I closed cubase and restarted and it chose another measure to lock on to. Strange

Is the preference “Return to start position on stop” enabled?

enabled or disabled it goes back to the same measure, super strange…I went back to .12

Works like a charm.
haven’t had problems with Cubase updates since 8.5 version :slight_smile:

Colorize Selected Channel in 10.5.20 is a big improvement in this update. Thanks for listening and acting.


Can I just say that I -really- preferred the old PDF Release Notes? I much, Much, MUCH prefer reading from a dead tree.

:::waiting for Mac users to check in:::

Little help here… Anyone?
Ok I’ll assume that it’s still broken and not waste my time updating.


Does a Hackintosh count as a Mac?

Cubase 10.5.20 works OK, just as 10.5.12 did. On my system. Not perfect, but quite usable.
Some combinations of plug ins give me grief, hitpoint detection is not reliable, but I can get work done without showstoppers.


Partial workaround for Windows 10 users: Print -> “Microsoft Print to PDF” the online release notes.

Anyway: please add a “Download pdf” button to the online release notes page.

Yes, it’s quite serious. I have lost projects because of this. After finishing projects I use to archive them using this feature. Worst thing is that I only found out about this bug several months later when I already had deleted the original folders. So I can’t open them.

Same issue here. Sorry for asking here, but how would I revert back to .12?? I updated with the small 600MB download and I tried installing the .12-Update from before, without success. Would I have to download the full install?

Any word on ucrtbase.dll crashes? Because Cubase is totally unusable for me at the moment. Crashes every time i use it without fail.

Control panel > Programs > Programs and Features . installed updates

Here you can see what you have installed and roll back to the previous version of Cubase.

Well that is if you are on Windows!!

Just updated from 10.5.12 to XXX.20. I’ve just used it for 30 minutes and all is ok. I installed the new Win10 2004 just prior to CBase update. Use DMG and SSD5 along with Steinberg.