Cubase 10.5.20 Maintenance Update

No thanks here…Just installed it and immediatly got CPU overload while playing a heavy mixproject which played just fine yesterday.
Around 85-90% CPU load, but now in the red so dropouts.
Two (FW and USB) interfaces, both same results.
Now I can’t play this mix anymore.
What happened?
nothing changed on my computer or settings since yesterday, only todays update of Cubase.
Tried the “suspend vst3”, because that was the only difference I read, but no advantage.

[EDIT]: I disabled HT in the Bios and now I have more headroom on the CPU.
I did test with or without HT very often in the past, never noticed any difference so I let it enabled. But now is HAS to be disabled otherwise I can’t play my larger projects anymore.
So there must be a defintive change in the 10.5.20 update concerning this.
But I’m glad I can work again…

You still have some work to do chaps…
Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 13.13.07.png
Cubase 10.5.20 - MacOS Dark mode

Also I just quit that project without saving and a minute later a crash report…

Edit - And now Cubase doesn’t even open at all. Hangs on “initialising Steinberg SKI Remote”

Edit Edit - Tried safe mode and now it just hangs on the splash screen and refuses to fill the list of previous projects or templates…

Edit Edit Edit - Completely dead…now off to reinstall. Cheers. Consider some open Betas in the future then I’ll let others test it before I jump in.

Thanks but well, it is concerning that VST3 suspend feature seems to be broken.
Will check it later on my PC but seeing again GUI issuea with Mac does not give much hope for PC :open_mouth:

Utterly unbelievable. Sampler tracks STILL do not recall their correct file location after ‘Prepare Archive’ and backing up a project to a new folder. They still reference the OLD file location, rendering backups useless if any original files are removed. This has been going on since Sampler Tracks were introduced. Lost for words at this point.

I had some hope when I saw a comment in the release notes, but no… still does not work.

Side Browser seems to be much faster. It is instant.
I don’t know if it is coincidence or improved. But great. Thanks

Thank you guys for the new update, checking it right now, looks promising !!

But please someone can give me an answer to this :
Grid Type and Quantize Preset Menu Options don’t change anymore with the MOUSE WHEEL ???

Thank you in advance, but it is one of the most important workflow options!!!

This update calls for a Steinberg video, would love to see how the editing features can be implemented to increase workflow.

I don’t think “Hit Point Detection” has changed and the mouse wheel still moves the fader in Mix Console!

Awesome, you guys rock!

PS. Is text supposed to look like this in the Connections window?

PPS. Several days of it now running really nice so far, Rewire issues fixed.

HiDPI Scaling still not resolved and according to you that was high priority. Clearly not high enough, very disappointing.

I was giving Steinberg one more update to improve the HiDPI support as promised before finalising my move to Studio One, so that’s me done I’m afraid.

It’s not a flounce, as I’m actually very sad about it, but it’s the final straw and I refuse to feed any more cash into this product in the vain hope that things will improve.

What the h-e-l-l? Cant get to the link keep getting the following error:

I change new Metering - Appearance scales and clik apply- boom nothing happen(win10)

I’ve already moved but was giving them one more chance before actively selling Cubase. It’s all very sad after so many years but enough is enough.

calm down. DOWNLOAD:


great Update, very stable so far.

Thank you Steinberg! :sunglasses:

Studio One is redundant now.
Because we have all the special S1 features in Cubase too - more inserts, new browser, lower zone, vsti pics browser, ARA, much more drag/drop functionality, bezier automation curves, color coding mixer, event effects e.g.
perfekt. :mrgreen:


Love it, guys! Development is heading in the right direction and Steinberg is listening to our feature requests and concerns.

Lets keep making Cubase more powerful and beautiful, and have a little fun before AI takes over and makes all the music! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank You for the great update Matthias.
Are we going to have another poll for feature requests?

Was just about to post the same…

A shame. First thing I noticed as I loaded an older project that needed these re-configuring… And of course, no, its not.! :laughing: Its been like it for several releases now :wink:

They did something to fix similar (sounding) for MAC, listed in the Release Notes. Too much work for Windows perhaps.

Was also hoping stuff like no keyboard TABBING ability in the Export Audio window would finally make a return. No joy. It has to be an area that’s massively difficult to program, or something… I know one thing, without it, it has massively affected my workflow - which has now moved to massively more mouse-clicking behaviour…

I wonder why Steinberg choose to release an update on a Monday rather than the usual friday? Certainly seems to be a lot in there but…

Still no Eucon show/hide channel on the surface and solo functions not looked at. This is 4 and a 1/2 years after being told it was ready and working and would be in the next release.

Still no UHD fixes 18 months after being sold a lie, product that marketed it as it’s main attraction. Still some screen redraw errors.

It’s no wonder Cubase slipped down to 5th position in online poles this year.