Cubase 10.5.20 Maintenance Update

I find it absolutely astonishing just how inept, careless, and lazy this company has become. Every new release/update is a horror show. It’s as if no one is in charge of what’s being done. From our perspective everything seems so random.

For example, earlier in this post Matthias said that they removed the (extremely useful!) ability to change quantize settings with the mouse wheel for consistency. Yet the toolbar is now more inconsistent than ever in this regard. Rather than go for consistency by removing existing functionality, why not achieve it by adding/maintaining it?

Steinberg apparently is appalled at the thought of its customers being productive and happy. They keep making foolish changes that anger and demotivate their users. Why? It’s truly incomprehensible.

I suspect it was an accident but they made out that it was on purpose to avoid appearing incompetent. A simple ‘sorry we will fix it, I will have a stern word to the person responsible ASAP’ would suffice. But Steinberg behaves like it never sets a foot wrong and it is all part of some master plan that we are not privy to. I would like to see this master plan blueprint. I envision it being with crayon on a napkin or sheet of toilet paper.

As a relatively new visitor to these shores, this is exactly how I see it. I have experience of several other DAWs over the last three decades and, in comparison to most, Cubase now feels like a product that’s out of control and running away from the development team. It feels very much like a product in desperate needs of a rewrite as they did with SX - take Frankendaw out the back and put it out of its misery.

I’d dearly love to switch 100% to Cubase because there is so much that’s amazing about it, but until they change their contemptuous policy of releasing half-baked features and expecting multiple payments to fix them, I’m afraid I can’t commit.

What a depressing thread!

It’s unfortunate that I agree with 90% of what’s been written. I’m currently making a slow transition to Logic having been a Cubase and PC man all my life. 90% of my clients are using Logic and there’s a demand for me to be able to send sessions back and forth as I mix them, so I have little choice. I can’t stand Logic and not a fan of Mac’s either! Age and Cubase muscle memory are not on my side… I don’t tell my clients I use Cubase any more, half of them have never heard of it and the others are under the impression it’s not a ‘pro’ DAW bless them.

I’ve defended and stuck by Cubase for a long long time, but simple economics is driving me to adapt to other platforms. I’ll continue to use Cubase for my own projects and see where the whole Logic thing takes me.

Did you know Logic (also Ableton, Fl Studio) doesn’t have PDC on group tracks?
Or their latency issues & muti-core supporting, and I can continue that kind of list, more & more. Because I’m member of one big community (in Russia) where many of us get inside “Daw vs Daw war”. Where every person trying to explain why their daw best and flexible the others in market. And in same time they explain what they hate in their daw.

Every war finish only with 2 DAWs who works ALMOST perfect:

  1. Cubase
  2. Reaper

Others have tons of IMPORTANT issues (PDC first one)

So, I’m wondering, how you guys keep blame cubase, in same time that we don’t have good & strong alternative.

Yes, they should fix bugs, yes need some improvements. But I’m pretty sure Developers already know, and strategy for implementing all fixes and new features - ready.

Stay safe

Seems like Cubase also as some issues with PDC on fundamental levels.


I’m well aware of the downsides of Logic. I prefer Cubase and, where I can, I will continue to use it, Ibut 'm having to adapt to new ways of working and that means I have to use Logic.

I’m wondering why you say there isn’t a good alternative when almost every single client I work with is producing records using Logic without complaint?

I saw many times how logic users (8+ years) always blame it “Flintstones car in Nascar racing”, they come to this conclusion only after comparison with others DAW. I agree maybe their Logic knowledge not at high level, thats why, but its not 5-10 people, many more.
Most of them working with Audio (recording different sources Vocal, Drums, Guitars… Editing & so on)
And when they discovered power of others DAWs (most of time its Cubase, Reaper, Samplitude) they get shocked how they can improve their workflow speed & save time.
I don’t force earlier mentioned DAW, you can go to others DAW forums and read what problems they have.
And, again, compare to problems what have Cubase, we are in good situation :slight_smile: IMHO


Does anybody also experience this menu issue of the text disappearing in Windows 4k HiDPI?
CUBASE NUENDO MENU BAR DISSAPEAR 2020-06-07_14-49-59.gif
I am about to throw in the towel, looks like I am going to be forced to downgrade from 4K on my 27" main screens and buy two new 24" 1080P monitors to continue working in Cubase/Nuendo or use Bitwig/Ableton/Reaper until this GUI is ever fixed. Definitely cannot add a Mac Pro just to run one program! Cubase/Nuendo’s features, mixer/panners and MIDI editor are amazing, but without a working UI, it is useless for me at this point and its sapping my creative energy.

Just want to drop a line to thank Steinberg for this maintenance update! Everything is working EXCELLENT for me in OSX! No more hanging projects on close, no crashing, great response and processing…everything is just perfect now. Looking forward to what ya’ll have in the plans for future releases :smiley: :smiley:

lucky you! i can’t past hangs when trying to load vst3 plugins… disgusted!!!

I updated a few days ago to 10.5.20 from 10.5.0. It seemed to go smoothly but for some reason in mixes I was getting clicks in the audio. I really wasn’t sure if it was the update or something I was doing. The project was recorded in 10.5.0. So I tried to uninstall 10.5.20 and reload 10.5.0. No such luck now. Very frustrated. After the install I get the spinning wheel that I can’t work with it. Don’t know what is going on but I think I have to do a system restore back to my last update. I am on a Macbook Pro i7 running 10.14.6. I hate doing system restores because it takes so long. At least I have the time machine backups.

no problem with 10.5.20 here, zero, nada. :sunglasses:

that’s because I didn’t dare to install it yet …
coming from a longtime Cubase user, since SX, who was the first to post a report about new major versions worldwide on several occasions, that should tell you something, Steinberg.
when working users learn to dread your updates instead of smiling in relief about useful fixes *, somebody is not doing their job properly, sorry.
more power to the guy(s) who reworked Variaudio a while ago, that was an impressive job !
and most important, I’m not aware of a single user who got hurt by this substantial update - that’s the way you do it, guys ! Compatibility !

the sheer amount of bugreports and broken functionality in 10.5.20 is simply overwhelming. :smiling_imp:
to only name one of the biggest stupidities - the broken mousewheel functionality for grid and Q. :unamused:
yes, I’m a hardcore key command user and have all Q values on dedicated keys, but some editing tasks simply require the mouse, so while I’m already there, I use this exact function on a regular basis.
I can only imagine how a newbie mouse pusher will feel about this.

not amused, at all,

  • yes, there are quite some fixes in the changelog, which would be really welcome, but broken functionality speaks louder …

i have also not installed it. waiting for forums to settle down with the people reporting issues.

What’s most troubling about all this is that Steinberg said they were “proud” of this release. If they don’t recognize and accept there are problems, nothing is going to be fixed.

Note: I added the emphasis on “proud”.

Cubase 10.5.20

May 26, 2020 – We are proud that this is one of the biggest Cubase maintenance updates of recent years. You will find some useful new functions, some new customization options in the preferences, a lot of refinements and, of course, a good number of fixes.

I amm too having random glitches on export, not always, I reverted to .12 and they went away. I am still investigating.

Thank You. I ended up doing a system restore from my Time Machine backup of just before I updated to 10.5.20. Took most of the night to complete but the system is back running good and no slow processing like I was seeing. For now, I’ll just continue to work with 10.5.0 as I wasn’t having any issues with it.

With each update since Cubase 10 I hope the resizable rightclick toolbox will be back like in 9 and before.
At least not only in one row. I can’t get used to it after 25 years using Cubase.
In Arrange window and Key edit window.
Will this ever return?
Thank you!


In my Cubase 10.5.20 Build 179, MIDI file import either by dragging it in from a directory or via File -> Import -> MIDI File … appears broken.

The symptom is that the MIDI notes in the file do not correctly line up in Cubase 10.5 with their actual position.

I have, for example, imported the same MIDI file into 2 other DAWs, and into Cubase 9.5 and all show the correct alignment (at the measure boundaries).

However, my Cubase 10.5.20 Build 179 does not show the correct alignment.

It sure looks like a Cubase 10.5.20 bug from here. Pictures and MIDI File (zipped) attached.
MIDI (394 Bytes)