Cubase 10.5.20 Reveal In Finder not working.

Right click the audio file in Pool and select “Reveal In Finder” but nothing happen.
Cubase 10.5.20, Mac Catalina 10.15.6

alreafy give Cubase Full Disk Access in security and privacy setting.

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What kind of file is it? If the Audio file comes from internal Steinberg library, you cannot reveal it in Finder. The files are packed in a archive, so you cannot point to the specific file then.

Hi, It’s audio file in pool that I’m recorded by myself.


It works for me here.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Trash the preference file and everything back to work again, Thank you!

None of this worked for me. I’ve given full access, disabled prefs. Still not working on 10, 10.5 or 11

I installed Cubase Elements 11 completely fresh to demo the program and noticed that right out the gate this function didn’t work for me either. Any ideas?


Are your projects or your source Audio files stored at the external drive by any chance?

See this thread, please.

I’ve read the thread but didn’t see an applicable solution listed. Dropbox is not being used. I am browsing an external drive.

I’m using Media Bay and trying to use “Reveal In Finder” on files in the displayed folder tree of my hard drive. The Path attribute is correct.

The result is that Finder is brought into focus as an app but no window is opened. If Finder has windows open, those windows will be brought into focus. I am unable to get Media Bay’s Reveal In Finder to ever open the listed Path for a sample or folder.


Do you try the “Revel in Finder” on the file, you have recorded to the project, or do you try with any audio library file? If it#S the second case, is the library really present as audio files on the drive? Or is it one “ZIPped” file for multiple Audio files, like *vstsound file is, for example?

This is how I am using it. These are files in the File Browser. Not in a zip. They are audio files on the drive. Have tested multiple directories, folders, and files. None open up in Finder when that command is used.


Could you please navigate to the very same file in Finder and attach a screenshot from Finder, where I could see the path to the file, please?

Sure. I picked a file with a simpler path. I’m suspecting that command is not inputting paths correctly for External Drives on macOS.


Thank you for the screenshot. So the file lives on the external drive, same as it has been described in the other thread.

I don’t know, why I’m not able to reproduce it…

How is your external hard-drive formate to, please?

Formatted MacOS Extended Journaled.

It seems that Reveal in Finder works with APFS formatted drives, but not MacOS Extended Journaled.


Very interesting, I will test this.

I switched the formatting on two drives and can confirm the function definitely has an issue with drives that have Mac OS Extended Journaled formatting. I could only get it to work with APFS, exFAT, or FAT.

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That’s a great find man


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

I’m on Nuendo but the issue seems to be the same:
I can repro “Reveal in finder” is not working when target drive is MacOS Extended Journaled. It is working when target is NTFS. This started here since Catalina.
I have another issue that could be connected. When I copy a wav file through media Bay: If I copy the file to a MacOS Extended Journaled file, it gets labeled a Text Edit File ( in finder) and is no longer working as a sound file. If I copy the file to a NTFS drive it stays labeled and works as a wav file.
I have a third issue that could be connected. Have installed “Auto Align Post 2” on Catalina. It shows in Nuendo 11 as a VST3 PlugIn but not as a Extension.
Is there a idea when a fix could come?