Cubase 10.5.20 update > CPU overload

Just installed it and tested it with a ready heavy mix I always use for this purpose.
Right away I can’t play it, CPU average load into the red. With a FW interface and a URC816 USB interface, both the same results.
So I can’t play it anymore.
That mix played fine in the last version with both interfaces, heavy load, but not into the red, around 85-90% CPU load, but now into the red and dropouts.
What happened in the new update???

Tried the “suspend vst3”, because that was the only difference I read, but no advantage.

EDIT: I disabled HT inthe bios and now I have more headroom on the CPU again.
STrange fact is I tested on/off a lot in the past, never noticed any difference so I let the HT enabled.
But now, since the 10.5.20 update I could not play my current heavy mix again which played just fine 2 days earlier right before the update.
So my guess is there must be something done int he update which concerns the Hyperthreading.
BUt I’m glad everything runs smooth again, never had really any problems with Cubase.