Cubase 10.5.20

So, since Cubase 10,5.12 was only a hotfix and not meant to be a general application maintenance / funcational update, I wonder if 10.5.20 will ever be released or all efforts have been dropped with current versions to be able to focus on the next major release (Cubase Series X or whatsoever name it will get)? I understand we are living in uncertain times and focus needs to be on other things, which are more important.
Anyway it’s interesting to understand what Steinberg is going to do and how all current product lines may have been affected by the Covid-19 effects? Thought that there can also be some positive effects, more people need to have a DAW in their home (perhaps as a backup for studio or for the first time ever)…

Appreciate that SB is creating a lot of content at the moment in the social media like Youtubes (Greg’'s hangouts), perhaps development is suspended for the time being? :question:


So far Cubase version life-cycle has been one year (1,25). So we always got an updates for free for 1 (1,25) year after the initial release of the version. So if Cubase 10.5 has been released in November 2019 (or October?) we can expect a free updates until January/February 2021. The new Cubase (Cubase 11 or what ever) is in development in parallel.

This is how it was working in the past years. Myself I don’t expect any changes here.

Any idea as to when we can expect the next maintenance update for Cubase 10.5, Martin?


Sorry, everyone how knows is not allowed to say. :wink:

With the covid-19 around everything is different. I guess the 19 of may.

This was what I intented to asked in my inital post :wink:

Cubase-19 anyone? :open_mouth:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Please no, too much negative energy :wink:


Too soon?

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Virus in Cubase? :open_mouth: :astonished: :smiley:

As long as there is 2 meters between tracks and we clean our cache more often than normal it’ll be ok

Took me a while until I got it :laughing:

At least a new eLicenser version is out today

hi. can anyone comment, whats the new update like? stable or issues?

This thread is mere speculation about a version that hasn’t yet even been announced. Cubase 10.5.12 is fine though, for me at least. If you search the forum for 10.5.12 you’ll find plenty of comment.

Just my bet: if you look into the 10.0.60 and also into the Nuendo release notes you may get a direction. I am expecting more stability and performance fixes than any new stuff. And especially with 10.0.60 release notes there is a note about video export, which does not really apply to Cubase 10 but rather to Cubase 10.5. That’s why I think, we will see a similar list of topics in a 10.5.20 release.
Let’s wait and see though, perhaps we will be surprised :wink:

What I’d like to see (again): two lined text in the mixer channel. If you watched any of the recent Cubase Hangouts with Greg, who is on Mac, you can see how it could look like. It was in Cubase 10.5.10 I believe, but not really nice and was removed again in t0.5.12 Windows version.

No, I say we just jump into the time machine and go to the future :smiley:

I’d be with you, to find the lottery numbers, then come back, win the EUROJACKPOT and go and buy all the lovely gear :wink:

Ok, before I’d rather donate more money for charity… :exclamation:

About 10.5.20, well. I stay curious…

So, tomorrow then? It’s the 18th here atm :question:

… well, Musikmesse, had it not been cancelled, would have started on the 26th (next Tuesday). There’s usually something lined up for release around that time – but maybe this year, that’s us!