Cubase 10.5.3 when will it come up?

Hi, I’m currently trying cubase 11 I like it alot but I think I’ll skip this version and update on cubase 11.5.

I’m also wondering why cubase 10.5.2 didn’t get the fixes for the problems related to it since it’s been a while since we got an update for it.


nobody knows exactly when 11.5 will be released - you can look at previous release schedules and these give a bit of a clue…probably towards the end of the year.

regarding your 2nd point (question?) - I’m going to guess that we’ll see one more update for 10.5, but I wouldn’t imagine there will be that many fixes…it’s not Steinberg’s style :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for your reply yes… my question was about 10.5 update… it’s just the graphics issues that are frustrating me… nothing else… all the added functionalities in cubase 11 either I have them from a third party plugin or I just don’t care about… but they are definitely something to good to have natively.

I agree that C11 isn’t much of an update (just my opinion !) - some of the ‘features’ are really ‘fixes’ - and like you I have 3rd party plugins that cover most of the new stuff.

The only thing I would say is that it’s worth looking at the upgrade prices

(in the UK)
C10 > C11 = £136
C10.5 > C11 = £85

That’s not quite half the price - but if you upgrade now you do get the latest version for 12 months and it’s not much of a price penalty over 2 upgrades (if that makes sense ?)

Yes but I truly don’t care about what they are adding every release. I care about ease of use and some little things that they keep forgetting here and there… and they don’t listen to me or most of us in this forum. Why should I pay for an update that doesn’t add anything to my workflow right now. For example, I’m a new cubase user and I was attracted to the mixer window and then I found out that if your scroll mouse down the mixer it changes the values, so I stopped using it since I can’t navigate the mixer like that. Things like that frustrate me. :man_shrugging: In 11’s piano roll now you can double click a note to remove what’s so wow about that that cubase 10.5 users can’t have it? Nonsense… Nonetheless I still I like what they are doing with the software but I really wish they fix some of those problems that have been reported over the years by users… the mixer thing is one of them, it’s really frustrating hopefully in 11.5.

Yes I’ll wait on updating Cubase 11 still half baked I think let’s see how much work they’ll put on it in it’s next update. I really hope they fix the graphics issues in 10.5 soon.

obviously you should wait until (if!) the next 10.5 fixes your issue - but as I say, you don’t lose too much financially if you upgrade. So it ‘may’ be worth it even if you don’t need the extra features but just want the fixes.

You could try to demo version to see if it works for you ?

Yes I’m already trying 11 trial, it feels faster than 10.5. But still the stuff that bothers me are there… That’s why I’m gonna wait… because this is the stuff that I’d update for… for example the mixer window (which is the reason I bought cubase for by the way) in 11 they still kept the mouse wheel behavior where if you scroll down it changes the value of the eq. So I stopped using it because I can’t navigate it… :man_shrugging:

Sure hope they fix the metronome setup bug in 10.5.3.

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I don’t know what’s taking it so long…

I could be wrong, and have been many times before. However, it seems as if the “final” update for the previous version after the next has been released is a thing of the past. Please, please, please Steinberg … tell me that I am wrong!

For what it’s worth, I have been religiously behind the times as far as the latest versions go. I typically have been purchasing updates when they are on sale, then waiting to activate until I’m within the grace period for the next version. For example, I’ll purchase an update from 10.5->11 when it’s on sale and wait until 11.5 is released to activate. New features are temping, but stability and predictability are more important.