Cubase 10.5.30 maintenance update

Clicking update on the news page every single day like a maniac, waiting for an update that makes me believe that Cubase 11 is in an acceptable state in terms of issues I could encounter. Technically, today is the last day of “early April”, since we enter “mid April” and after that “late April”. :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for a well tested and hopefully sophisticated patch. And for that, I am willing to wait as long as it takes. But announcing early April made me kinda sit on hot coals for the last two weeks now.

Unfortunately the goal to release the 11.0.20 update early in April couldn’t be achieved, but we are about to finish our final tests. The release date is close.


Just out of curiosity - as this post is about Cubase 10.5.30 - is it possible to get a downgrade to 10.5.12?
In the pre-10.5.20 version the issues I’m facing were not present. I already filed a support ticket for this (id # 375541) which is unanswered for 2 months… this is really disappointing.

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I like the selectiveness of your replies, Steiny

It’s possible uninstall at least the latest update from the Windows Control Panel (Program and Functions / Show Installed Updates / mark and Uninstall). I don’t know if it’s possible to step back more than that, I have not tried it.

However, you can always uninstall Cubase entirely and then install it again from here:

At the bottom of the page you have the Full installer, and above that all update files, including 10.5.12. Unfortunately, the Full installer is not just Cubase itself but also contains the entire sound package, so it’s 20 GB (maybe you have a backup on your disc drive?). (This was changed from version 11, but for 10.5 it’s still like that).

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Ah, I wasn’t aware of that page. Many thanks for pointing me there!

I have 3 pcs running 10.5 Pro. Two of them have successfully installed this update but in the third pc it doesn’t show up in the Download assistant, only Cubase 11 and some peripherals. Download assistant if fully up to date. Any ideas please? Many thanks.

After the 10.5.30 upgrade Cubase Pro won’t start and freeze with a black window where was supposed to be the project selection panel !
I’m on Win7 64 and Cubase Pro 10.5.20 was working flawless!
So Cube… stop with this annoying answer about the end of the Win7 support! The music community has the biggest Win7 users base!
So please… solve my prob… or tell me how to revert back to my 10.5.20 working version!!!
After many pc restarts and many fire-up and forced closing Cubase (it freezes at te start so you must close it the hard way!)… six hours later… this morning (i’m in Italy… that’s why my english is so crap! :rofl:) with a fresh mind i had the idea of bypassing the startup screen opening directly a project.
As usual - after the brutal shut-down - Cube open a panel where you can select some start options (like inactivate some plugins, or forget about the studio config). Just for the sake of trying i bypassed the studio config… and… et voilà… it started!
And the good new is that after this shake and rock-n-roll… the regular start procedure now works again!
So… now i’m at 10.5.30… IN WINDOWS 7 PRO 64 BIT!!!

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Interestinngg… I’m on Windows 7 as well, so I hope it’s not a Win7 thing otherwise I’ll be staying on 10.5.2

I will check if I still have the installer and share it with you

Hmmm. How did you install 10.5 on Win7? For me the installer never worked there…

SOLVED Man… read the UPDATE to my post!

My first “fresh” installation was 9.5. Than 10. And than 10.5… always via the Steinberg update app.
Both 10.5.20 and now 10.5.30 versions (this one with some thrill) are working fine in Win7 Pro 64bit.

GUI is buggy on my 10.5.30 version , since i updated , there is some glitches on VST’s , boring !

Hi - just to check, can you upgrade straight from V10.5.0 to this without the need to upgrade to 10.5.20 first?

If you check the Steinberg Download Assistant, clicking on the 10.5.30 update the download view shows:

Cubase 10.5.30 - Update
(For Cubase 10.5.0 Or Higher)

=> So there is no need to upgrade to 10.5.20 first.

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I have having issues with many takes done. The problem is when you do many takes which involves many takes 50 - 80 (lanes), the program get slow , from choosing a take , to editing , cut paste and many more. takes about 10 second to accept the changes. Very frustrating . Any help

Always go with the first “take” … :wink: .

Seriously, though … 50 - 80 tries?

I think maybe you should practice the part more before trying to record it.

I’m not trying to be a jerk here.

50 - 80 takes !?!?!?!

Jeeeeeeeeeeeebus Cripes !

Anyway, that just struck me as out of the ordinary.

Carry on …

Yes 50 - 80 takes for a 67 year old . he he

Hi, Can someone PLEASE tell where I can view the release notes for 10.5.30? All the links I have found, including this one, take me to v11 and v12 release notes.


Something is hosed up per usual here. Any 10.5 release note link is giving C11 and C12 links only. Good luck and happy steinberging