Cubase 10.5 activation

Hello Folks,

I have got some problem with my Cubase. Maybe one of us will help me becasue I can’t take information form Steinberg.
I bought Cubase PRO 10.0 with the USB-licencer. Of course I Installed on my computer and everything was OK. Then I saw it is a new version 10.5 so I updated it. I have got 2 computers. One month ago I installed on second computer but amazingly appeared a window that I have to activate my copy of Cubase. It worked 24h and then I am out of licence.
Steinberg says:
If the license is stored on an USB-eLicenser, activation is neither necessary nor possible. In this case, it is sufficient to connect the USB-eLicenser after the installation has been completetd.

On the first computer it worked very well but on second out of licence.

Guys, pelase help me I don’t konw what to do. I made everything… :frowning:

I use WIndows 10.

Hi and welcome,

Cubase Pro 10.5 is not free update from Cubase Pro 10. You need a dedicated license for Cubase Pro 10.5. If you want to use Cubase Pro 10.5, update your license, please.

So everything is clear. I didn’t know that. Thank you very much for help.
I appreciate that.