Cubase 10.5 all bugs centre around PROFILE MANAGER

10.5 has been quite a bugathon, the 2 main ones being constant crashing during project close and contextual menus appearing horizontally rather than vertically. All the bugs are temporarily fixed by creating a new Profile Manger profile. This obviously means losing all personalised settings.

Is Steinberg aware of this bug?

Will the pending fix resolve this?


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

If it’s still crashing, could you attach a crash dump file, please?

Could you attach a screenshot of the contextual menu bug, please?

Crash might’ve been the wrong word. Cubase freezes after closing a project and no crash dump file is created. I have to force quit Cubase via Windows 10 Task Manager where it says ‘not responding’.

I’ve just opened in safe mode with a project I was already working on and seemed fine then reloaded an old Profile. After opeing the project again with my saved profile Cubase freezes after closing. I guess this is a Preferences/Profile issue.

What’s the best way to proceed? Delete all preferences?


Yes, in this case I would recommend to trash your preferences.

Profile Manager is not faulty on this case. Some preferences seems to be corrupted and the Profile Manager just loads the corrupted preferences.