Cubase 10.5 and 10.0.50 - Current issues information

We would like to make you aware of the current issues and forthcoming fixes, as we believe a couple of them are behind most of the issues reported here so far.

  1. Possible abnormal CPU consumption with specific VST3 plugins.

This is the reason for increased CPU usage some of you experienced in specific projects.
Please note that this affects both Cubase 10.5.0 (and 10.5.5 on the Mac) and 10.0.50.
It was fixed with high priority for 10.5.10, the fix is already being tested and will be also part of the forthcoming final C10 release, 10.0.60.

Known work-around:

– Disable the “Suspend VST3 Plugin Processing when no audio signal is received” preference in Cubase
– Use the VST2 version of the affected plugin
– Revert (or install) Cubase 10.0.40

2. Memory leak (Metal backend, Mac-specific)

This is the reason behind abnormal memory usage that causes sluggishness, degraded performance and might eventually crash the application (e.g. thread about sluggishness on Mojave)

Furthermore, we added a work-around that should increase the application robustness and avoid the dreaded ucrtbase.dll terminations on Windows.
Some of these occurred due to causes that are external to the program itself, but still, we are confident it will increase its stability.

Thank you to everyone who detailed their issues on the forum.

UPDATE: The patch release 10.5.10 had to be postponed by one week due to a late issue that needed to be absolutely fixed before the release.

Sorry for the unexpected delay.

UPDATE: The Cubase 10.5.10 update is now available in the Steinberg Download Assistant.